Our Projects

Sr. No Organization Project Title Description District Region Sector Start Date End Date Funds Approved (US $) Funds Disbursed (US $) Status
1 LSO BABUZAI MARDAN Provision of agriculture support to farmers for increase in production. Grant supported the 2010 flood affected 500 small farmers having up to two acre land through provision of agri-inputs for revival of their farms and livelihoods. Mardan KPK Economic Growth 2011-01-01 2011-02-28 65,243 65,243 Closed
2 Qaisrani Rural Support Development Program (QRSDP) Immediate relief support to flood affected people. With the financial assistance from USAID for the flood affected families, QRSDP provided immediate relief services to 1,000 households and 500 widows by distributing blankets to 200 households, clothes to 1,500 women & children, food items to 500 widows and also organized 3 livestock management training events for 300 farmers DG.Khan Punjab Flood/Social Assistance 2011-01-11 2011-03-31 40,248 40,248 Closed
3 Make A Wish Foundation Pakistan Grant wishes for 55 terminally ill children. The project granted wishes of 55 terminally ill children from all over Pakistan. Karachi Sindh Flood/Social Assistance 2011-01-01 2011-12-31 34,119 34,119 Closed
4 Shan-e-Mustafa (CBO) Immediate relief activities to support flood affected people With USAID financial support, LSO successfully utilized grant for provision of immediate relief services to 1,200 households and 500 widows by distributing blankets to 150 households, clothes to 900 families, essential food items to 500 widows headed households, agri-inputs to 150 farmers and also organized 2 medical camps for free consultation services and medicine distribution to 500 patients suffering from various ailments in the flood affected areas. DG.Khan Punjab Flood/Social Assistance 2011-01-01 2011-04-30 37,541 37,541 Closed
5 Al-Sadat Welfare Society Rehabilitation of flood affected community of District Rajanpur AWS, with USAID grant assistance, provided shelter to homeless flood affected families through construction of 360 single room houses (with covered area ranging from 14'x12' to 14x18'). The community played central role in identification of the most vulnerable families with core focus on immediate relief to women and children of the selected families. Rajanpur Punjab Flood/Social Assistance 2011-02-01 2011-03-31 80,519 80,519 Closed
6 Khpal Kor Foundation Provision of rehabilitation services to flood affectees. Grant supported the construction of residential hostel facility for 150 orphan girls in Saido Sharif Swat District. Swat KPK Flood/Social Assistance 2011-02-01 2011-11-30 92,980 92,980 Closed
7 District Social Welfare Council -Bhakkar Provision of maternal and neonatal child health services Under this project, 120 Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and paramedics staff were trained to provide improved maternal and neonatal child health services. After the training, an awareness campaign was launched in order to enlighten 600 couples from 3 union councils of district Bhakar about better health and family planning practices. A substantial reduction in Mother Mortality Rate (MMR) and Child Mortality Rate per 1000 births was recorded in the target union councils after successful culmination of the campaign Bhakkar Punjab Health 2011-02-01 2011-07-31 64,862 64,862 Closed
8 Mohar Welfare Organization Rehabilitation of flood affectees through construction of houses Through USAID funding support, MWO assisted 35 flood affected households in construction of single rooms and toilet facility. Findings of the post grant survey of beneficiaries is indicative of the fact that the concrete structure provided a great sense of physical security to the households against adverse weather conditions in particular the torrential rains. Possession and ownership of concrete shelter also partly assisted in mitigating the adverse psychological effects of the disaster experienced by the affected households Mianwali Punjab Flood/Social Assistance 2011-02-01 2011-09-30 57,612 57,612 Closed
9 Khyber Teaching Hospital- Peshawar Provision of improved health care services to patients of accure Renal failure. Grant built the cpapcity of Nephrology Department at Khyber Teaching Hospital for treatment of flood affected patients having acute renal failure and provide Hemo Dialysis Services. Peshawar KPK Health 2011-03-01 2011-12-31 77,430 77,430 Closed
10 Coastal Association Research & Development (Card) Distt Lasbela Improving livelihood of fishermen community in District Lasbella Project facilitated 120 fishermen for improving their fish storage facility through provision of fish storage boxes and also provided training on "Fish handling on board fishing vessels". Lasbella Balochistan Economic Growth 2011-02-01 2011-09-30 49,049 49,049 Closed
11 Quaid-e-Millat Foundation Economic Empowerment Initiative Grantee facilitated 206 destitute individuals (56 women, 150 men) for development of small local businesses. Another core component of the grant encouraged 350 (250 women, 100 men) young and energetic community members for vocational skill development in the trade of tailoring, machine embroidery and computer. The end line survey revealed that 78% of the 556 beneficiaries are locally employed or self-employed and have 100% increased income as compared to their before project earnings. Khushab Punjab Economic Growth 2011-03-01 2011-12-31 59,756 59,756 Closed
12 Municipal Public Library Gilgit Improve existing basic library services in Gilgit. The project Improved existing basic library services to meet modern standards of excellence through provision of computers, library software, internet , and card catalogue cabins. Gilgit GB Education 2011-04-01 2012-03-31 25,718 25,718 Closed
13 Local Support Organization Parwaz Agricultural support to flood affectees. Grant supported the 2010 flood affected 545 small maize farmers through provision of agri-inputs for revival of their farms and livelihoods. Swabi KPK Economic Growth 2011-03-01 2011-05-30 66,451 66,451 Closed
14 Gicheen Local Support Organization Provision of irrigation and drinking water facilities Project rehabilitated 12 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, to benefit over 2,000 poor remotely located households (14,728 people) in Kach, Balochistan. Kech Balochistan Economic Growth 2011-03-01 2012-02-28 46,901 46,901 Closed
15 Fazil Rural Development Organization Rehabilitation of flood affectees The project rehabilitated 25 families of the flood devastated areas through construction of their totally destroyed houses. The most notable accomplishment of the project was providing a safe and durable structure to the selected flood-affected households. The concrete structure has provided a sense of physical security to households against adverse weather conditions in particular the torrential rains. Possession and ownership of concrete shelter has partly assisted in mitigating the adverse psychological effects of the disaster experienced by the affected households. Bhakkar Punjab Flood/Social Assistance 2011-03-01 2011-08-31 112,707 112,707 Closed
16 Badin Development & Research Organization Water and Sanitation initiative for flood affectees The project provided safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities for flood affected communities of Union council Karah, Tehsil Jati, district Thatta by installing hand pumps and constructed latrines in selected locations Thatta Sindh Flood/Social Assistance 2011-04-01 2011-09-30 10,553 10,553 Closed
17 Community Development Programme Livelihood support to 600 flood affected women Grant suported provision of 400 sewing machines and 200 embroidery machines with basic tools and raw materials for 600 flood affected women from 10 union councils of Bannu and D.I. Khan Districts to restart their work at their homes. Bannu, D.I.Khan KPK Flood/Social Assistance 2011-04-01 2011-08-31 66,063 66,063 Closed
18 Meerani Local Support Organization Renovation of 16 government schools 16 Cyclone affected government schools were renovated under this project. Kech Balochistan Education 2011-04-01 2011-09-30 69,602 69,602 Closed
19 Banjosa Rural Development Organization To provide income generating opportunity through cultivation of gladiolus. Project improved livelihood opportunities of 190 farmers through cultivation of Gladiolus. Project promoted cultivation of Gladiolus by providing seed bulb to 190 poor households and by providing training on sowing, cutting, weeding, watering and packing techniques. Rawlakot AJK Economic Growth 2011-05-15 2011-09-15 98,598 98,598 Closed
20 Muzafrabad Poverty Alleviation Programme Improved water management and protection of agricultural lands Project constructed 38 rain water reservoirs, four 5,000 cubic meter check dams and four 6,000 cubic meter retaining walls for improved water management and protection of agricultural lands from soil erosion and degradation. Muzaffarabad AJK Economic Growth 2011-06-01 2012-01-31 88,014 88,014 Closed
21 Kech Educational Development Society Extension of library into resource center Extension of an existing library into a proper resource center for improving learning through provision of books, computers, printers, internet connectivity, fax machine, multimedia, photocopier for promoting learning. Kech Balochistan Education 2011-06-01 2011-08-31 44,715 44,715 Closed
22 Local Support Organization Sachan Installation of solar energy systems 185 Home based Solar energy systems were installled in 6 villages of UC Kallag , District Gawadar Gwadar Balochistan Energy 2011-05-20 2012-01-30 86,873 86,873 Closed
23 khushal Welfare Organization Provision of agricultural inputs for flood affected population of FR Peshwar Grant supported the 2010 flood affected 250 small maize farmers through provision of agri-inputs for revival of their farms and livelihoods. FR Peshawar KPK Flood/Social Assistance 2011-05-15 2011-08-15 65,923 65,923 Closed
24 Tameer-e-Millat Foundation Construction of first and second floor of Tameer-e-Millat Model Schools for Girl Through this project, first and second floor of Tameer-e-Millat model school for Girls has been constructed. The extension of girl's school has enabled the local community to send their girl children for higher education from the adjacent villages. The intervention has improved girl's education in the area, as every year more than 150 girl students are enrolled and with almost same ratio passing out, resulting in changing the fate over 150 families and bringing positive change among 150 families each year. Attock Punjab Education 2011-07-01 2012-06-30 221,132 221,132 Closed
25 Area Development Organization Muzaffarabad Rehabilitation of link roads for UC Kai Manja The project rehabilitated 13 km link road of Union Council Kai Manja, District Muzaffarabad AJK, affected by the heavy rain of July-August 2010. Muzaffarabad AJK Flood/Social Assistance 2011-07-01 2012-02-29 97,368 97,368 Closed
26 Seven Star Local Support Organization Construction of causeway in village Ghullama Grant supported redesigning and reconstruction of 150x16 feet causeway along with construction of upstream and downstream protection walls on nalah at village Ghulama connecting seven villages of Distrcit Swabi. Swabi KPK Flood/Social Assistance 2011-07-15 2012-02-28 87,348 87,348 Closed
27 Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) To improve physical infrastructure of 30 government schools adopted by TEF. The project improved physical infrastructure in 30 TEF adopted government schools in District Lodhran through construction of additional rooms and boundary walls. The newly constructed rooms and boundary walls have provided basic infrastructure required for conducive education environment in identified schools. Improved physical infrastructure has facilitated existing enrolled 4,280 students and 165 teaching staff and will improve enrollment in future Lodhran Punjab Education 2011-11-01 2012-10-31 220,442 220,442 Closed
28 Thallay Local Support Organization Ghanche Northern Areas Reconstruction of flood damaged foot, jeepable bridges with protection walls The project reconstructed flood damaged foot& Jeepable bridges with protection walls in union council Thallay, District Ghanche. Ghanche GB Flood/Social Assistance 2011-10-01 2012-09-30 115,818 115,818 Closed
29 Rising Sun Educational and Welfare Society Inclusive education teacher's training program for normal school teachers. USAID awarded grant helped RSEWS to train 750 teachers belonging to rural and urban schools of Southern and Central Punjab in inclusive education through conducting total 25 courses of 5-day training events further enabling the schools to enroll 75,00 disable students within a year. In post grant evaluation, teachers expressed how successfully the training changed their approach towards special children from “Disabled to Differently Able” Lahore Punjab Education 2011-10-16 2012-10-15 95,027 95,027 Closed
30 Foresight Institute for Education and Leadership Development Rehabilitation of 11 government schools in district Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan. The project rehabilitated 11 government schools in district Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan affected by flood, through renovation, re-establishing libraries, provision of furniture by proactive engagement of School Management Committees (SMCs) and District Education Department. Ghizer GB Education 2011-09-16 2012-03-15 110,327 110,327 Closed
31 SOS Children Village of Pakistan Construction and furnishing of 02 Houses at SOS children's village Quetta. The project provided shelter to orphan children by Construction and furnishing of 02 Houses at SOS children's village Quetta Quetta Balochistan Flood/Social Assistance 2011-12-01 2012-08-31 92,417 92,417 Closed
32 Majlis Tahaffaz-e-Mahauliat Construction of 105 biogas plants in district Sargodha Through this intervention, 105 households of target union councils were assisted in the construction of biogas plants. A large-scale awareness campaign was also launched to sensitize the community about biogas as an alternative and cheap source of energy. The project directly facilitated more than 200 rural women in their daily chores by reducing their dependency on firewood for cooking purposes. Comprehending its benefits as an inexpensive source of energy for electricity, heat and domestic purposes, the model is being replicated by the adjoining households as well Sargodha Punjab Energy 2011-12-01 2012-11-30 92,425 92,425 Closed
33 The Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society Construction of girl's hostel in Gulmit, Hunza Project constructed girl's hostel for girls students belonging to remotely located surrounding areas of Gulmit, District Hunza. Hunza Nagar GB Education 2012-01-01 2013-04-21 96,864 96,864 Closed
34 Fatma Welfare Foundation(FWF) Rehabilitation/ Construction of 10 water supply schemes Grant Project provided clean drinking water to 729 households (5,468 family members) from 10 flood affected villages of District Dir Upper, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, through the rehabilitation and construction of 10 drinking water supply schemes. Dir KPK Health 2012-01-01 2012-07-31 91,014 91,014 Closed
35 Bam Development Organization Kalatuk(BDO) Improved water resource management through extention/rehabilitation of Karez Project rehabilitated 8 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, to benefit over 924 poor remotely located households (14,728 people) in Kach, Balochistan. In addition to improved irrigation practices, changes in variety of crops, the project also helped in bringing about 800 acre new land under cultivation. Overall, there was 40% increase in the crop productivity and income of the framing families. Kech Balochistan Economic Growth 2012-02-01 2013-01-31 64,308 64,308 Closed
36 Sangam Development Organization (SDO) Development and Promotion of Bio gas Technology Under this intervention, 100 biogas plants were constructed in the village households of Kotli Sattain, Rawalpindi. With the installation of biogas plants, almost 90% of soot-free domestic fuel needs of the target 100 households were met. Bio-fertilizer which is released as slurry from the biogas plants is also made a good quality fertilizer for the agricultural lands. 5 individuals, one from each village were provided with Biogas Plant construction and maintenance trainings, so the villagers could continue the construction of biogas plants according to their needs and resources. Rawalpindi Punjab Energy 2012-02-01 2013-01-31 58,210 58,210 Closed
37 Frano Local Support Organization Provision of electricity through construction of Micro Hydel Power Plant Project contributed for improving the quality of life of the vulnerable communities of Union Council Frano, District Ghanche through provision of electricity by installing 01 small micro hydel power station. Ghanche GB Energy 2012-02-01 2013-01-31 155,317 155,317 Closed
38 Tribal Women Welfare Association(TWWA) Improved Income through Walk in Plastic Tunnel (WPT) Farming in Bajaur Agency” Project introduced walk-in plastic tunnel farming technology to 75 progressive vegetable growers in Tehsils Khar and Salarzai of Bajur Agency, FATA. Bajaur Agency FATA Economic Growth 2012-01-15 2012-07-15 93,527 93,527 Closed
39 Reach Vulnerable Provision of electricity through installation of Micro Hydel Project contributed for improving the quality of life of the vulnerable communities of Lagankar through provision of electricity by installing 02 small micro hydel power stations with total capacity of 130 KV and construction of 04 km Jeepable track. Swat KPK Energy 2012-03-01 2013-03-28 138,357 138,357 Closed
40 Friends Development Organization (FDO) Expansion and strengthening of Sohail Bin Sadiq Model Schoool Through USAID grant, FDO achieved the core objective of access to quality education to the already enrolled students in Sohail Bin Sadiq Model School and also successfully enhanced enrollment up to 700 students including girl students in majority through provision of additional rooms, furniture, computer and science lab equipment Gujranwala Punjab Education 2012-03-01 2013-01-30 100,710 100,710 Closed
41 Falah Foundation Chakwal Provision of medical equipment and labortary supplies to MCH Unit Medical equipment and laboratory supplies were provided to upgrade and functionalize the Memorial Hospital for the provision of maternal, neonatal, child health care and emergency services. 17 doctors and paramedical staff were recruited to equip the hospital with necessary operational support to carry on its service provision to the local community. Mothers and children were also apprised with day-to-day health and hygiene practices to prevent communicable or contagious diseases. A solar heating system and a generator were also installed at the hospital Chakwal Punjab Health 2012-02-16 2012-08-15 95,162 95,162 Closed
42 Maalar Kolwah Local Support Organization (MK-LSO) Installation of solar energy systems 210 Home based Solar energy systems were installled in UC Tirtej, Tehsil and District Awaran Awaran Balochistan Energy 2012-04-16 2012-12-31 87,923 87,923 Closed
43 Saranga Literary and Cultural Society Books for a bright future The project established functional libraries in five selected girls and boys schools and ensured availability of thematic books, literatures and access of young students to Information Technology Jamshoro,Tando Allah Yar Sindh Education 2012-04-21 2012-12-15 71,901 71,901 Closed
44 Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) Maintenance & Upgradation of Heritage Structure and visitor facilities at Rohtas Project carried out maintenance and up-gradation of heritage structure and visitor facilities at the Rohtas fort. Jehlam Punjab Economic Growth 2012-07-01 2013-08-31 20,480 20,480 Closed
45 Integrated Rural Awareness & Development Organization (IRADO) Improve socio economic conditions of indigenous fisher community in Mancher Lake Project improved livelihood opportunities of local fisherman community by providing raw material for net making to 100 households and assisted 20 fisherman households in repairing boathouses. Dadu Sindh Economic Growth 2012-06-01 2012-11-30 48,856 48,856 Closed
46 Behar Al Sindh Foundation Provision of Communal Solar Lights The project provided renewable alternate energy by installing 50 communal solar lights in 15 villages of union council Karmalik of Taluka Jati, district Thatta, Sindh”. Thatta Sindh Energy 2012-05-01 2012-08-31 87,843 87,843 Closed
47 Step Towards Empowerment of Pupil (STEP) Rehabilitation of irrigation system in UC Patrak, Upper Dir-KPK Grant initiative supported rehabilitation of 20 irrigation channels to improve agricultural productivity in UC Patrak, District Upper Dir by benefitting 2,194 farming families and increased livelihood and economic growth opportunities for them. Upper Dir KPK Economic Growth 2012-05-16 2013-04-30 195,074 195,074 Closed
48 Hamdam Development Organization (HDO) Improving conditions of primary health care in District Tank-KPK Project rehabilitated 10 primary health care centers to improve mother and child health services in District Tank through provision of equipment and basic facilities in these 10 primary health care centers. Tank KPK Health 2012-06-01 2013-03-31 88,101 88,101 Closed
49 Neelum Valley Cluster Coordination Development Forum (NVCCDF) Provision of electricity in 2 villages of district Neelam-AJK Through the project, NVCCDF installed 2 micro Hydel power stations in 2 villages of district Neelum, AJK for provision of cheap electricity to 425 households and reduce deforestation in the area. Neelam AJK Energy 2012-05-01 2013-04-30 159,454 159,454 Closed
50 Chagai Development Oganization (CDO) Provision of safe drinking water and restoration of infrastructure. The project provided adequate water and sanitation facilities in girls' primary schools through rehabilitation of 30 wells, installation of 30 hand pumps, construction of 03 water tanks and 03 latrines in UC Chilgazai, Tehsil and District, Chaghai. Chaghi Balochistan Health 2012-06-15 2013-03-31 60,720 60,720 Closed
51 Gupis Rural Support Programme (GRSP) Construction of irrigation water channel in Tehsil Gupis-Gilgit Baltistan Project increased irrigation efficiency for existing cultivable land as well as bringing more land under cultivation through construction of 7 kilometer new water channel that helped in increasing the cultivated land and frequency. Ghizer GB Economic Growth 2012-06-01 2014-09-19 118,089 118,089 Closed
52 Sada Hussainabad Local Support Organization Construction of solar fruit dehydration plant in UC Hussainabad, Skardu Project installed four (4) Solar Dehydration Plants, each having an average capacity of one ton fresh fruit produce to dry in 48 hours and 15 tons in a month. Skardu GB Economic Growth 2012-07-01 2013-04-30 87,473 87,473 Closed
53 Yar Muhammad Samejo Educational and Development Society (YMSESDO) Improving educational environment in primary schools 34 flood affected government schools were renovated under this project. Jaffarabad Balochistan Education 2012-06-16 2013-03-31 89,539 89,539 Closed
54 Sahara Welfare & Development Organization Improved learning environment in four schools of District Sargodha Under this project, the access to four schools of Sargodha was improved by providing infrastructural support i.e. equipment for computer labs, classrooms' furniture, renovation of school buildings, provision of library books, electric appliances such as air conditioners and UPS, sound systems, audio visual teaching aid materials and text books for the students. Resultant to the intervention, student-friendly learning environment was ensured in the four target schools which directly increased the cumulative enrollment up to 420 students per school Sargodha Punjab Education 2012-07-01 2012-12-31 92,846 92,846 Closed
55 Local Support Welfare Organization SMJH (LSO-SMJH) Revival of traditional manual handloom weaving Grant supported preservation of the traditional art and skill of manual weaving with handlooms by restoring this traditional home-based small industry. More than hundred families were provided with raw materials and were also capacitated in market linkages building. Khushab Punjab Economic Growth 2012-06-21 2012-10-20 60,655 60,655 Closed
56 Rural Community Development Program (RCDP) Kalasha Hydro-Power Project Project improved the quality of life of 250 households of Rumboor Valley through provision of electricity, protection of natural resources improving income opportunities through promotion of tourism and cottage industry in the area. Chitral KPK Energy 2012-06-01 2016-01-28 144,402 144,402 Closed
57 Anjuman Imdad Bahami Niazabad (AIBN) Extension and rehabilitation of Karezes Project rehabilitated 08 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, in UC Sarawan and Chitkan of Tehsil and District Panjgur. Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth 2012-07-01 2013-06-30 88,095 88,095 Closed
58 Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan (AKCSP) Development of Balti Folk exhibition area in Khaplu place Project established Balti Folk exhibition area at Khaplu Palace and promoted local employment opportunities. Ghanche GB Economic Growth 2012-09-01 2013-04-30 24,372 24,372 Closed
59 Upper Torkhow Development Network (UTDN) Construction of solar fruit dehydration plants Grant supported training of 210 poor women and constrcuted 7 solar dehydration plants to promote farm based women led enterprises and reducing market barriers. Chitral KPK Energy 2012-07-16 2013-06-30 85,867 85,867 Closed
60 Center for Environment and Development (CEAD) Provision of home-based electricty thorugh alternative energy technology The project provided 115 home based solar energy systems to selected beneficiaries and trained beneficiaries in operation & maintenance of these systems. Thatta Sindh Energy 2012-07-16 2013-02-15 59,900 59,900 Closed
61 Mehran Welfare Trust (MWT) Improving cccess to basic education The project improved acess to basic education, through provision of missing facilities in schools Larkana Sindh Education 2012-08-16 2013-08-13 89,647 89,647 Closed
62 Rural Development organization (RDO) Access to safe drinking water through rehabilitation of water supply schemes. Project provided safe drinking water through rehabilitation of 9 drinking water supply schemes affected by flood and construction of 3 new schemes in 3 District Buner. Buner KPK Health 2012-09-16 2013-06-15 79,937 79,937 Closed
63 Development Organization for Community (DOC) Improved agriculture and income through Karez Rehabilitation in District Panjgur The project rehabilitated 08 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, in UC Kallag, district Panjgur. Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth 2012-09-01 2013-03-31 63,279 63,279 Closed
64 Watan Dost Rural Support Organization (WDRSO) Establishment of a mother and child health unit in a medical center Grant supported establishment of Mother and Child Health Unit at Medical Center in District Swabi, KPK Swabi KPK Health 2012-10-16 2013-04-15 51,035 51,035 Closed
65 Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skill Development Company Construction of student's hostel building in technical training center Project constructed hostel building for providing boarding and lodging facility to the students from far off places, who cannot attend the college on daily basis at their expense. Ghotki Sindh Economic Growth 2012-11-16 2013-07-31 87,862 87,862 Closed
66 M.H. Sufi Foundation (MHSF) Construction of primary school building in Pindi Bhattian, District Hafizabad The project was focused at enabling easy access to education facility for the rural children by setting up a primary school in the village Bagh Nao of Pindi Bhattian. School building was constructed and was supplied with requisite furniture, teaching aid materials and was sufficiently equipped to provide an enabling learning environment for the students. Teachers were also recruited from the local community and were trained on modern and effective teaching methodologies Hafizabad Punjab Education 2012-10-20 2013-09-20 87,810 87,810 Closed
67 Malakand Rural Support Tahreek of Humanity (MRSTAH) Improving Livelihood through Availability of Perennial Irrigation Project improved livelihood of small farmers through installing of water driven pumps over the perennial irrigation sources Malakand District. Malakand KPK Economic Growth 2013-05-01 2014-04-30 50,532 50,532 Closed
68 Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) Commuinty led water and hygiene promotion project Grant provided safe drinking water by installation of 75 hand pumps and promotion of safe hygienic practices. Charssada KPK Health 2013-01-01 2013-12-31 68,161 68,161 Closed
69 Shakarganj Foundation (SF) Adult Female Literacy Program in 05 Union Councils of District Jhang Project supported basic literacy and numeracy skills courses for 3,550 adult women residing in 5 union councils of District Jhang, Jhang Punjab Education 2012-12-01 2013-10-31 76,133 76,133 Closed
70 SOS Children's Villages (SOS-ISBD) Establishment of English Language Laboratory at SOS Children's Village The project established an English Language Lab at SOS village Islamabad premises to gradually build up the English language skills (written, spoken, understanding) of children, mothers and staff of SOS Children's Village Islamabad Islamabad ICT Education 2012-11-16 2013-05-31 62,339 62,339 Closed
71 LSO Koshish Renovation of watercourses Project supported lining and construction of water control structures of 7 irrigation water courses and training of farmers for improved agricultural productivity. Mardan KPK Economic Growth 2012-12-15 2013-12-15 90,539 90,539 Closed
72 Support Agency for Rural and Human Association's Development (SARHAD) Improving the Quality of Life of Poor People Project promoted energy efficient and environment friendly 1,000 smokeless stoves in District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nowshera KPK Energy 2012-12-15 2013-07-20 55,623 55,623 Closed
73 Local Support Organization Malik Aasa Extension and Rehabilitation of 4 Karezees Project rehabilitated 08 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, in Union Council Tasp, district Panjgur. Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth 2013-01-01 2013-12-31 73,004 73,004 Closed
74 Local Support Organization Gramkan Enhanced Water Efficiency through Karez Rehabilitation and Extension Project rehabilitated 05 Karezes, an ancient irrigation systems in Balochistan, in UC Gramkan, district Panjgur. Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth 2013-01-01 2013-12-31 75,520 75,520 Closed
75 Sungi Organics (Pvt.) Ltd "Improved Supply of Bio-Fertilizer and Agricultural Income of the Small Farmers" Grant promoted agricultural productivity (yield per kanal) by using bio-fertilizer in Tehsil Allai of District Battagram through up gradation of existing bio-composting unit and establishing a system for farmers to easily access bio-fertilizer through the platform of government Farm Service Center and Village Committees. Batgram KPK Economic Growth 2013-01-15 2013-10-15 84,713 84,713 Closed
76 KSAN Local support organization Construction of 150 kW Micro Hydro Power Station in Satpara Valley The project Constructed 01 Micro Hydel Power (150KW apacity) in Satpara Valley, Tehsil and District Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan Skardu GB Energy 2013-05-01 2014-06-30 150,389 150,389 Closed
77 Human Development Organization (HDO) Lining of 1813 Meters Irrigation Channel/Water Courses Project improved livelihood of small farmers through installing of water driven pumps over the perennial irrigation sources Malakand District. FR Bannu KPK Economic Growth 2013-05-01 2013-09-30 58,790 58,790 Closed
78 Network for human and Social Development (NHSD) Improving Access to Mother & Child Health Project promoted mother and child health services through provision of equipment and basic facilities at the MCH center, Tarnawa, District Abbottababd, KPK Haripur KPK Health 2013-01-15 2013-08-14 87,312 87,312 Closed
79 Sindh Sujag Social Welfare Association (SSSWA) Provision of Safe Drinking Water & Hygiene Education The project attempted to improve health conditions of the poor villagers especially mother and child health conditions by providing safe drinking water through installation of 100 hand pumps and promotion of health and hygiene awareness in the targeted 10 villages. Thatta Sindh Health 2013-01-15 2013-09-14 44,484 44,484 Closed
80 Women Welfare & Development Organization (WWDO) Improved Income through Training of 120 Marginalized Women Grant supported 120 poor women from militancy stricken area of Matta, Swat for tailoring training and provision of tool kits. Swat KPK Economic Growth 2013-01-01 2013-07-31 36,404 36,404 Closed
81 Nari Development Organization (NDO) Uplifting Economic Status of Fisher Families at Manchar Lake Project created livelihood opportunities for 20 fisherman families from six villages through implementation of cage cultures. Jamshoro Sindh Economic Growth 2013-01-01 2013-10-15 26,800 26,800 Closed
82 Village and Women Organization Development Company (VWODC) "Construction of Community Fruit Processing Center in Union Council Danyore" The project improved income of 2,600 fruit growers/ V/WO members in three villages of UC Danyore through establishment of Community Fruit Processing, Oil Extracting and Nut Cracking Centre at village Danyore, UC Danyore, Tehsil and District Gilgit. The project also build the capacities of local men and women in latest techniques of dry fruit processing, nut cracking, oil extraction and entrepreneurial skills Gilgit GB Energy 2013-05-01 2014-03-15 88,725 88,725 Closed
83 Sahara Community Support Programme (SCSP) Provision of Missing Facilities in 12 Primary and 01 Middle School Dist Mansara The project improved access to education and contributed in increasing enrollment and attendance rate in 12 Government primary and 01 Government Middle school of District Mansehra through improved teaching and learning environment Mansara KPK Education 2013-05-01 2014-02-28 81,846 81,846 Closed
84 Community Development Organization (CDO) Renovation of Watercourses in 6 villages of UC Bachai Project improved irrigation water efficiency through lining and construction of water control structures on 10 watercourses passing through 6 villages of Tehsil Swabi, District Swabi and reduction in current water losses. Swabi KPK Economic Growth 2013-05-01 2014-04-30 89,422 89,422 Closed
85 Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) Snow Leopard conservation through practical measures in six village of chitral Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF)' carried out snow leopard conservation through economic empowerment of people in six villages i.e. Koghozi, Barghozi, Mori Payeen, Kuju, Bokhtuli, and Parsan of District Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project activities include construction of 04 communal predator proof corrals in 04 villages (one each in Koghozi, Barghozi, Mori Payeen, Kuju), training of 24 community members to become community livestock extension workers, administering two rounds of vaccination against contagious diseases covering approx. 10,177 livestock in these 06 villages and carrying out community awareness about importance of conservation through formation of 12 Nature Clubs in 12 Government & private schools, and training of 15 teachers on environment education. c Chitral KPK Wildlife Conservation 2013-06-01 2014-05-31 105,089 105,089 Closed
86 Al-Mehboob Welfare Society (AMWS) Supply of safe drinking water through biosand filter to 737 households in 19 vlg Closed Barkhan Balochistan Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2013-08-01 2014-01-31 0 0 Closed
87 Walkabout Films Private Limited (WFPL) The Give Back Project:National Park of Pakistan Programme One:Deosai N-Park The project developed a 35 minutes documentary (English & Urdu) on the Deosai National Park with special focus on endangered Himalayan Brown Bear and other range animals, insects, birds, and plants in the park Skardu GB Wildlife Conservation 2013-07-16 2014-07-15 235,964 235,964 Closed
88 Balochistan Social Development Program (BSDP) Improved Income through Training of 100 Women of District Jafarabad Income generation opportunities for 100 women belonging to village Ustah Muhammad of District Jaffarabad were improved through provision of stitching/tailoring and hand embroidery skills and sewing machines, irons and tool kits. Jaffarabad Balochistan Entrepreneurship 2013-12-01 2014-06-30 38,470 38,470 Closed
89 Azat Foundation (AF) Solar Pumping for Safe Drinking Water Initiative in District Nushki Solar powered tube wells were installed in district Nushki. Nuski Balochistan Energy 2014-03-16 2015-01-15 103,979 103,979 Closed
90 LSO Daghoni Balghar (LSO DB) Supply of Safe Drinking Water to 25 villages by Constructing 2 Slow Sand Water The project improved health conditions of 1,393 households at UC Daghoni Balghar of District Ghanche through construction of 2 slow sand water filters Ghanche GB Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2014-03-16 2015-08-14 82,215 82,215 Closed
91 Human Aid (HA) Provision of WASH Facilities in 30 Government Girl's Primary Schools of Mardan Human Aid (HA) provided water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) facilities in 30 Government Girls Primary Schools of two Tehsils i.e. Takhtbai and Mardan in District Mardan. Mardan KPK Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2014-03-01 2015-02-28 75,248 75,248 Closed
92 Pak Mission Society (PMS) Clean Drinking Water for 16 Villages of Union Council Bar Sheryal The project financial assistance for construction of 16 water supply schemes and distribution of ceramic water filters among 536 households (100% population) of 16 villages of two Union Councils (Bar Sheryal & Kuz Sheryal) of Tehsil Palas, District Kohistan kohistan KPK Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2014-03-01 2014-11-30 45,317 45,317 Closed
93 Gojal Rural Support Organization (GRSO) Conservation of Wildlife at Khunjerab National Park by Protecting Forest Reserve The project attempted to conserve wildlife by protecting the ecological system at upper Gojal (buffer zone of Khunjerab National Park) through provision of alternate energy source to the community of Village Gircha, Upper Gojal, District Hunza Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan and plantation of more trees at Seer and Ghilbishi. Hunza Nagar GB Wildlife Conservation 2014-02-01 2014-12-31 88,609 88,609 Closed
94 Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) Improved Income through training of 100 Women of UC cattle Farm and UC Sorah Income generation opportunities for 100 women belonging to UC Cattle Farm and UC Sorah of District Jaffarabad were improved through provision of stitching/tailoring and hand embroidery skills and sewing machines, irons and tool kits. Jaffarabad Balochistan Entrepreneurship 2014-03-01 2014-11-30 32,887 32,887 Closed
95 Village Development Organization (VDO) "Skill Development Initiative for Women Belonging to Religious Minorities" Village Development Organization (VDO) provided livelihood opportunities to 210 women belonging to religious minority groups in District Ghotki, Sindh by providing them with training in 03 trades and facilitation in access to loans extended by the First Micro Finance Bank for setting up small businesses. Ghotki Sindh Women's Issues 2014-03-16 2015-03-15 78,654 78,654 Closed
96 Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) Towards Sustainable Management of Deosai National Park The project endeavored to conserve the natural habitat of brown bears (a threatened species) and other wildlife in the Deosai National Park in District Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan.The project provided a framework for sustainable management of the park and contributed in conservation of natural habitat of brown bears and other wildlife species. Skardu GB Wildlife Conservation 2014-04-01 2015-10-21 66,647 66,647 Closed
97 District Development Association, Tharparkar (DDAT) Peafowl Protection through Integrated Measures in District Tharparkar The project ensured Peafowl protection at 175 heavily populated villages of District Tharparkar, through organizing 70 mobile medical camps in remote villages to ensure proper vaccination to peafowls suffering from Newcastle Disease Virus (Ranikhet) and established a peafowl rehabilitation centers at each Taluka (total 05) of district Tharparkar to treat affected peafowls. Tharparkar Sindh Wildlife Conservation 2014-04-01 2014-11-15 86,118 86,118 Closed
98 Governance Institutes Network International (GINI) "Economic Empowerment of 180 Women through Honeybee Farming in District Khushab" Project empowered 180 women in Soon Valley of District Khushab through training on domestic honeybee farming, provision of bee farming boxes and tools and connecting women bee farmers with the network of honey buyers. The intervention increased average annual income of targeted beneficiary households from almost nothing to PKR 62,400 (624 USD). GINI established three associations of honeybee producing women, one in each cluster of 6 villages, which supported women to have a collective voice and bargaining power for selling their produce. Khushab Punjab Women's Issues 2014-04-01 2015-06-09 66,784 66,784 Closed
99 The Federation for Development ,Education Development and Equal Rights Improved Income through vocational training of 120 Women in tehsil bK of Mansara FEEDER improved income generation opportunities for 120 women belonging to UC Garlat and UC Balakot, District Mansehra by providing training to 60 women in Stitching/Tailoring and 60 women in Adda Work (a kind of embroidery work). Mansara KPK Entrepreneurship 2014-03-16 2014-09-15 42,509 42,509 Closed
100 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Saving the Endangered Sea Turtles on Coastal Areas of Pakistan The project raised awareness about turtle conservation and rescue among 100 fisher folks and other coastal stakeholders. Grantee build capacity of 100 fisher folks and other coastal stakeholders in installing and using TED devices and thus reducing the mortality rates of sea turtles. Karachi Sindh Wildlife Conservation 2014-04-16 2015-04-15 79,176 79,176 Closed
101 Karakorum Associates for Educational and Economic Development (KAEED) Shawl-Making for Development of Entrepreneurship for Women KAEED provided livelihood opportunities to 180 Women residing in Union Council Ishkoman in a 10 month period by providing them with training in 02 trades – Spinning & Shawl Making. Ghizer GB Entrepreneurship 2014-08-01 2015-07-31 82,274 82,274 Closed
102 The Humanitarians (TH) Improving Physical facilities for women latigants of district Mardan The Humanitarians (TH) improved physical facilities for women litigants in 3 selected Tehsil courts of District Mardan (KPK) by construction of waiting rooms/halls for women litigants, assisted 1,000 women litigants, and conducted awareness campaign on women issues and rights. Mardan KPK Women's Issues 2014-03-01 2014-12-31 76,650 76,650 Closed
103 Star Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited (SFP) Capacity Building of Entrepreneurs of GB Project improved the income of 450 farmers/producers belonging to 03 Districts of Gilgit Baltistan Region through undertaking of a comprehensive 10-day long training program in farm management, packaging, and process & value addition; and provision of technical guidance, facilitation in forming alliances with key stakeholders of the food processing industry, and development of trust in the market about the quality of produce by farmers. Ghizer, Gilgit, Hunza Nagar GB Entrepreneurship 2014-03-01 2015-01-31 72,953 72,953 Closed
104 Your Engineering Solutions (YES) Private Limited Drivers of Change Project enabled 100 women from underprivileged background to improve their standard of living and get economically empowered by training them as professional drivers; and placed them at either organizational or household level. Islamabad, Rawalpindi ICT Women's Issues 2014-06-16 2015-02-28 76,707 76,707 Closed
105 Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan Empowering Indigenous Community Conserved area of wild conservation in chitral "Leadership for Environment & Development (LEAD) Pakistan brought forward and empowered Indigenous Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) as tools for Wildlife Conservation in Chitral by Identifying ICCAs in the area, conducting detailed mapping of 06 ICCAs, developing Management Plans of 02 ICCAs, creating an ICCA Network, drafting a Charter of Demands for recognition of ICCAs at the policy & planning level; and conducting a Regional Workshop for building linkages of ICCAs at the regional level. " Chitral KPK Wildlife Conservation 2014-05-16 2015-05-26 83,798 83,798 Closed
106 Citizen Voice (CV) Women Entrepreneurship Development in District Shangla, KPK Project contributed to social and economic development of 180 rural women from Shangla Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa by facilitating and supporting innovative entrepreneurship initiatives with special focus on the needs of female youth entrepreneurs. Shangla KPK Entrepreneurship 2014-06-01 2015-05-31 69,419 69,419 Closed
107 Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Kho Culture of Northern Pakistan Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) ensured preservation of cultural heritage of Kho community in 25 villages of 16 UCs of Chitral by : organizing 04 one-day traditional seasonal festivals in 13 villages; providing training in 05 traditional dances to 76 men in 09 villages; polishing skills in playing of Reed Instruments of 10 men in 01 village; building capacity of 32 women in 04 villages in the making of marketable embroidered products; holding of Open Air Theatre in 05 villages; participation of 10 trainees in a musical night arranged at Lok Virsa Islamabad; and preparation and dissemination of a booklet to serve as a snapshot of indigenous Kho community Chitral KPK Cultural Preservation 2014-06-01 2015-05-31 72,998 72,998 Closed
108 Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan "Advancing Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education" YES Network Pakistan advanced youth social entrepreneurship in higher education in Baluchistan & Gilgit-Baltistan by identifying and selecting 10 Institutes willing to promote the concept at an institutional level; creating 40 Master Trainers from among the Faculty and Student body of selected institutes; orienting 2,700 Students and 100 Faculty Members of the said institutes to the concept; and involving 500 of the oriented students in Social Enterprise Competition Nationwide GB Entrepreneurship 2014-05-16 2015-05-15 70,405 70,405 Closed
109 Grass Roots Assistance People Empowerment Society (GRAPES) Improved Income through Vocational Training of 150 Women in District lasbela Income generation opportunities for 150 women belonging to UC Gadani and UC Hubco of District Lasbella were improved through provision of stitching/tailoring training and stitching toolkits. Lasbella Balochistan Entrepreneurship 2014-07-01 2015-02-28 30,243 30,243 Closed
110 Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Digital Preservation of Pakistan's Heritage With USAID awarded grant, LUMS successfully implemented project interventions including introduction of the new technology of 3D Laser Scanning for digital documentation of heritage sites, capacity building of the local community on laser scanning technologies and scanning and digital preservation of six cultural sights that resulted in first of its kind heritage portal of Pakistan Bhawalpur, Lahore Punjab Cultural Preservation 2015-01-15 2016-01-14 151,945 151,945 Closed
111 Anjuman Falah-O-Bahbood AIDS Council (AFAC) Providing equal learning opertunity to young women for their empowerment Fully equipped computer laboratory was established under this project to promote IT education for women from remote areas of Balochistan. Gwadar Balochistan Women's Issues 2014-11-15 2015-09-15 56,883 56,883 Closed
112 Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) Preservation and Promotion of Torwali Language & Culture Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) preserved and promoted Torwali language and culture by documenting different components of Torwali language and compiling them in a set of 04 Books; undertaking audio/video recording of the performances of Torwali musicians; and conducting dissemination of the set of Books and musical DVD Swat KPK Cultural Preservation 2014-09-22 2015-12-27 71,962 71,962 Closed
113 Labour Resource Center Facilitating Marginalized groups and gender based violence survivors LRC delivered 480 public messages through 10 radio shows to spread awareness on basic human rights and laws supporting victims of gender based violence. In response to the radio campaign, LRC received calls from the victim seeking guidance and provided legal advice to 825 women through the lawyers having expertise in the similar field. LRC also provided psycho-social, legal advice and general guidance along with referral services/ guidance to 70 survivors. Kasur, Lahore Punjab Women's Issues 2014-12-01 2015-10-26 34,117 34,117 Closed
114 College of Youth Activism and Development Baluchistan Cultural Preservation & Revitalization Project "Through the proposed intervention College of Youth Activism and Development (CYAAD) preserved as well as revitalized the national musical instrument of Baluchistan – Saroz. " Loralai, Quetta Balochistan Cultural Preservation 2014-11-15 2015-08-15 71,322 71,322 Closed
115 Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan Conservation of Indus River Dolphins through Community Based Ecotourism Through USAID awarded grant, STFP engaged 20 local fishermen in Indus Dolphin conservation and built their capacity in basic dolphin rescue skills and provided specially designed tool kits for conducting dolphin rescue operation if any incident of dolphin entangling happens in the project area. STFP also launched mass awareness campaign on the Indus River Dolphin Conservation through print and electronic media including development of website on Indus Dolphin, a facebook page, and article in leading newspaper. Muzzaffargarh Punjab Wildlife Conservation 2014-10-16 2015-10-15 49,524 49,524 Closed
116 Women Welfare Organization Enhancing Women's Access to Justice Project improved women's access to justice in Districts Muzaffarabad and Hattian Bala, through establishment of Legal Information Centres (LICs) in two family courts of each district for provision of free legal advice & guidance to women. Hattian, Muzaffarabad AJK Women's Issues 2014-10-15 2015-10-14 57,440 57,440 Closed
117 Peace by Youth (PY) Awareness of Women and her Advocacy with Zeal (AWAZ) Project established Legal Information Centers (LICs), one each in Civil & Session Court of the District Jacobabad, for provision of free legal guidance to women; and carried out an awareness & publicity campaign focusing on women rights and issues. Jacobabad Sindh Women's Issues 2014-11-16 2015-11-15 32,847 32,847 Closed
118 Adara-e-Behbood-e-Umar Rasida (ABURO) Support for Old Age Home Project furnished an old age home, which is being constructed by the grantee specifically for poor and old age women in Quetta, Balochistan. Quetta Balochistan Women's Issues 2015-01-15 2015-09-15 52,092 52,092 Closed
119 Society for Empowering Human Resource improved Gender Ratio in Employeement Sector though Career Development of Students and Facilitation of Working Women Project attempted to improve the gender ratio in employment sector through improved career counseling and placement services for women in 5 public sector universities located in Quetta. Quetta Balochistan Women's Issues 2015-03-16 2015-11-15 58,639 58,639 Closed
120 Baanhn Beli Preparation of National Vulture Conservation Strategy The project contributed in the national efforts for conservation of vultures through development of a ‘National Vulture Conservation Strategy' for Pakistan. Tharparkar Sindh Wildlife Conservation 2015-07-01 2016-06-30 72,544 72,544 Closed
121 Mercury Transformations Combating Gender based violence through raising awareness pro women legislation MT successfully launched a campaign for general awareness on pro women legislation through core interventions including development of a Guide Book for victims of gender based violence and their families; managing a media campaign on Radio and Television; and holding 08 theatrical events. Muzzaffargarh, Multan Punjab Women's Issues 2015-06-16 2016-03-05 73,853 73,853 Closed
122 Sanjh Preet Organization Enhancing Employability of Women Graduates in Information Technology (IT) Sector Project enhanced employability of females in Information Technology (IT) Sector by creation of a gender friendly environment in 10 IT Companies and placing 120 female graduates as internees in the same. Lahore Punjab Women's Issues 2015-05-01 2016-01-20 62,200 62,200 Closed
123 Neelum Valley Clusters Coordination Development Forum (NCCDF) Wildlife Conservation through active Community Participation Grant initiative strengthened the conservation efforts at Qazi-nag Game Reserve located in Jhelum Valley through active participation of local communities of six villages, improved surveillance mechanism on illegal hunting and wild animals' body parts trade, and strong linkages and coordination among the Village Conservation Committees (VCCs), conservation guards, police, wildlife and forest department. The project also enhanced awareness level and promoted sense of ownership among local community towards the natural resources of the area. Hattian AJK Wildlife Conservation 2015-03-16 2016-02-29 56,723 56,723 Closed
124 Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) Improving Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Conditions The Project improved health & hygiene conditions in 20 villages of UC Judher of Tehsil Dera Murad Jamali, District Nasirabad, Balochistan, through awareness and capacity building of communities and other stakeholders on Pakistan Approach to Total Sanitation (PATS), Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS). Naseerabad Balochistan Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2015-03-16 2016-01-15 64,986 64,986 Closed
125 The Network for Consumer Protection Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water The project ensured provision of safe drinking water, supplied through filtration plants, to the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi by creating understanding and consensus among the concerned players about the nature of the issue and the measures that need to be taken for its effective resolution; and Raising awareness and building advocacy for the early promulgation of the legislative framework that will ascertain consumers' access to safe drinking water by relevant authorities Islamabad, Rawalpindi ICT Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2015-08-01 2016-07-31 63,176 63,176 Closed
126 Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI) Preliminary Documentation of the Yidgha, Gawarbati Dameli and Ushojo Languages The project focused on preservation and promotion of 03 endangered languages of Chitral – Gawar Bati, Dameli and Yidgha and 01 endangered language of Swat – Ushojo by developing working orthography/alphabets, compiling a word list and collecting folk tales, for each of the four endangered languages, and then disseminating the same at local and national level Chitral, Swat KPK Cultural Preservation 2015-05-16 2016-04-15 63,109 63,109 Closed
127 Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation Empowering Orphan Girls through Vocational Skills Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) mainstreamed 200 orphan girls of City Tando Allahyar in the socio-economic process by providing them vocational training in the trades of Garment Making/Tailoring and relevant tool kits. Tando Allah Yar Sindh Women's Issues 2015-04-16 2016-03-15 66,529 66,529 Closed
128 Network for human and Social Development (NHSD) Economic Empowerment for Better Lives of Women in Khukhriala, Tehsil & District Abbottabad Project economically empowered women of Village Khukhriala, UC Pattan Kalan by upgrading the local Vocational Training Centre (VTC) and taking measures for its sustainability; imparting training in a set of diversified trades to 120 local women; and linking the women trained at VTC with the market. Abbotaabad KPK Women's Issues 2015-05-16 2016-03-15 40,690 40,690 Closed
129 Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO) "Combating Forced Marriages through Awareness and Capacity Building of Stakeholders" PRWSWO created awareness on forced marriages among communities of 40 villages from 5 UC's of Tehsil and District Bahawalpur, Punjab through community sessions, among 10,000 community members on marriageable age and implications of early marriages and building capacity of 350 key stakeholders including police officials (30), marriage registrars (40), religious leaders (80), and community activists (200) to discourage forced and early marriages. The project will also provide free of cost legal assistance and psychological counselling to 10 aggrieved victims who were unable to afford legal expenses and were threatened of dire consequences by the perpetrators. Bhawalpur Punjab Women's Issues 2015-09-01 2016-08-31 62,336 62,336 Closed
130 Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) Pakistan's Entrepreneurs' Network for Youth (PENY) Through this project, Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) invigorated entrepreneurship skills among youth by providing training to 900 students from 6 universities of Punjab and KP province i.e. 150 from each university. The training has provided students with information and technical knowledge, assisted them to mature their ideas and thought processes to become successful entrepreneurs. The project also created create Pakistan's first ever online/credible/interactive resource of information on social and commercial entrepreneurship with an exhaustive information on various forms of start-ups. Nationwide Punjab Entrepreneurship 2015-06-16 2016-02-15 44,142 44,142 Closed
131 Sindh Development Society (SDS) Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of Women Survivors of Violence against Women in Society Sindh Development Society (SDS) worked for the eradication of violence against women by setting up a Rehabilitation Centre for victims of violence, and sensitizing the masses by conducting 138 Awareness Sessions, and 15 Theatre Performances. Sukkur Sindh Women's Issues 2015-05-16 2016-01-15 30,201 30,201 Closed
132 Awami welfare Society Improve Income through Vocational Training of 120 Women Awami Welfare Society (AWS) improved livelihood of 120 women belonging to the UC Koz Abakhel Kabal of Tehsil Kabal, Swat in a 06-month period. The organization plans to do this by providing them vocational training in the trades of Tailoring & Embroidery, giving them required tool kits, and creating for them opportunities for income generation. Swat KPK Women's Issues 2015-07-16 2016-01-31 51,453 51,453 Closed
133 Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) Conservation of Suleiman Markhor's through Protection of Juniper Forest Eco-System in District Ziarat Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) conserved the endangered Suleiman Markhor population in District Ziarat, Balochistan through protection of the Juniper forest eco-system which serves as its primary habitat in the District ziarat Balochistan Wildlife Conservation 2015-07-01 2016-06-30 66,441 66,441 Closed
134 Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organization (BWCDO) Snow Leopard Conservation in Basho Valley, District Skardu BWCDO conserved snow leopard population by carrying out community centered conservation activities in 06 villages of Basho Valley, District Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. The project activities include awareness of communities on wildlife conservation, construction of 06 predator proof corrals, training of barefoot veterinarians and administering vaccination against area specific contagious diseases covering approx. 2,873 livestock Skardu GB Wildlife Conservation 2015-08-01 2016-10-31 63,464 63,464 Closed
135 Bunyad Foundation / BLCC Economic Empowerment of 200 Rural Women in District Muzaffargarh Through USAID grant, BF implemented a set of interventions with core objective of empowering 200 women by re-organizing and investing in their capabilities to increase household's income and improve standard of living through vocational skills enhancement in the fields of domestic tailoring, kitchen gardening and livestock. Muzzaffargarh Punjab Women's Issues 2015-07-01 2016-05-31 82,454 82,454 Closed
136 Majlis Tahaffaz Maholiat (MTM) Empowering Rural Women through Agricultural Innovation and Farm Management Skills Majlis Tahaffaz Maholiat (MTM) facilitated economic empowerment of 150 women farmers by establishing 06 Farmer Field Schools (FFSs) for conducting their training in Efficient Farm Management Practices, giving them agricultural inputs & tool kits, and creating opportunities for income generation. The project escalated women farmers' status as a skilled, self-employed and earning member of the household and the community. Sargodha Punjab Women's Issues 2015-09-01 2016-02-28 59,597 59,597 Closed
137 Participatory Research and Development Organization (PRADO) Improving Socio- Economic Status of 150 Women Artisan's from Bhit Shah through Skills Enhancement The project improved the socio-economic status of 150 female artisans belonging to 05 villages of Union Council (UC) Bhit Shah and slum area of Bhit Shah Town, District Matiari, Sindh through skills enhancement in making embroidery products. Matiari Sindh Women's Issues 2015-08-01 2016-05-27 65,150 65,150 Closed
138 Serman Local Support Organization (SLSO) Apricot Value Chain Development for Women Farmers The project improved the livelihood status of 80 women farmers in the selected target area by building their capacity in harvesting, processing, drying, and marketing of apricots through 10 training events and distribution of 80 portable solar de-hydration units (for drying apricots) and 21 nut cracker machines. Skardu GB Women's Issues 2015-08-01 2016-08-10 69,011 69,011 Closed
139 World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade by establishing a National Monitoring Network that benefits local communities & environment A detailed mapping study on illegal trafficking in Pakistan was conducted. Deploying the findings from the study, three consolidated action plans were formulated and rolled out in order to bring improvement in legislation and to enhance inter-departmental coordination to halt illegal wildlife trafficking. Law enforcement agencies were also provided with technical support in terms of latest handheld scanners to identify the tagged animals. Lahore Punjab Wildlife Conservation 2015-10-01 2016-09-30 76,916 76,916 Closed
140 Walkabout Films (Pvt) Ltd. Our History A Journey through Time This intervention led to the preparation of 3 documentaries/short films to capture and preserve the archeological heritage of 3 of UNESCO's World Heritage sites; Lahore Fort and its Shalimar Gardens, Rohtas Fort, and the ruins of ancient Taxila in Punjab. These cultural heritage sites are conserved for the generations to come and to showcase the cultural abundance of Pakistan to the international community at large before, these would be wrecked by urban sprawl, climate change, terrorism or erode with the mere effect of time Jehlam, Lahore,Rajanpur Punjab Cultural Preservation 2015-11-16 2016-09-30 74,814 74,814 Closed
141 Ayun and Valleys Development Programme (AVDP) Kalasha Language and Culture Preservation Project The project focused on preservation and promotion of endangered Kalasha language of District Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. AVDP developed working orthography/ alphabets of Kalasha language, compiled a word list and collected folk tales, folk songs, and proverbs and then disseminated the same at local and national level. Chitral KPK Cultural Preservation 2015-11-16 2016-10-15 72,555 72,555 Closed
142 National Productivity Organization (NPO) Made in Gilgit The project aims to improve productivity and socio-economic condition of 35 craft's persons belonging to District Gilgit in a 05 month period. The applicant aims to achieve this by increasing their sales through exposure to new markets where products made in Gilgit are in demand and have better value, knowing latest market trends through improved market linkages and showcasing the culture of Gilgit in other parts of the country. Gilgit GB Entrepreneurship 2016-04-16 2017-05-31 60,780 60,780 Closed
143 Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) Conserving Wildlife Habitat through Strengthening of Community Based Natural Resource Management Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) has conserved wildlife in Tehsil Mastuj, District Chitral by involving local communities in protecting its natural habitat and better management of natural resources. The project provided alternate sources of fuel, motivating communities to manage rangelands & pasturelands through relevant trainings and workshops and creating better understanding of the significance of natural resource and wildlife conservation through a mapping study. Chitral KPK Wildlife Conservation 2015-11-16 2016-06-15 69,011 69,011 Closed
144 Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER) Better and Safer Future for Women (BSFW) Through USAID awarded grant, SHER implemented various interventions mainly including awareness raising on women rights among 200,000 women and girls, establishment of four Counseling & Referral Centers (CRC's) for violence victims, and setting up Toll Free facilitating around 1,500 women to safeguard the rights of over 3,500 women in the target area. Khushab, Mianwali Punjab Women's Issues 2015-11-01 2016-08-31 69,152 69,152 Closed
145 Sindh Rural Partners Organization (SRPO) Because I am a Girl Sindh Rural Partners Organization (SRPO) raised awareness on forced and early marriages and the prevalent law i.e. ‘Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act, 2013', that prohibits such practices. Mirpurkhas Sindh Women's Issues 2015-12-16 2016-08-15 52,877 52,877 Closed
146 Farmers Development Organization Apna Rozgar (Self Employment) FDO improved livelihood of 190 women belonging to 13 UCs of District Khanewal in a 06-month period by providing training in business development to those women who already stand trained in the trades of tailoring, adda work & hand embroidery, giving them required tool kits, and creating opportunities for income generation. khanewal Punjab Women's Issues 2015-12-01 2016-05-31 83,851 83,851 Closed
147 Rural Development organization (RDO) Addressing Exploitative and Discriminatory Practices Against Women Rural Development Organization (RDO) created awareness on Exploitative and Discriminatory Practices (EDP's), advocated women's rights and bring behavioral change among local communities of 02 Union Councils of District Buner. Buner KPK Women's Issues 2015-11-01 2016-04-30 44,523 44,523 Closed
148 Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) Empowering Rural Women through Skills Enhancement in District Badin Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) economically empowered 300 rural women from 15 revenue villages of Union Council Haji Sawan and Matli, Taluka Matli, District Badin through vocational skills training in two trades i.e. kitchen gardening & backyard poultry rearing. Badin Sindh Women's Issues 2015-12-01 2016-09-30 41,277 41,277 Closed
149 Mountain Areas Farmer Support Organization (MAFSO) Ghanche Women Empowerment Initiative (GWEI) MAFSO improved livelihood opportunities for 72 women belonging to UC-Ghorsay, UC- Siksa and UC- Khaplu Khas of District Skardu . The project achieved this through establishment of Wool Enterprise Development Centers in each UC, capacity building of identified project beneficiaries in wool processing i.e. from shearing to weaving wool products and setting up market linkages. Ghanche GB Entrepreneurship 2015-12-01 2016-10-05 70,755 70,755 Closed
150 Aiming Change for Tomorrow International (ACT-International) Empowering Rural Women through Skills Development The project economically empowered 300 rural women from 15 villages of Union Council (UC) Siana Daman, Tehsil & District Hattian Bala, AJK, by providing training in trades of Kitchen Gardening and Poultry Rearing. Hattian AJK Women's Issues 2015-11-01 2016-04-30 48,833 48,833 Closed
151 Hamdam Foundation (HF) Improving Socio-Economic Status of Women from Urban Slums of Hyderabad The project improved the socio-economic status of 150 female artisans belonging to 03 slum communities; Baban Shah Mohalla, Bengali Colony & Pathan Goth of Taluka Latifabad & Qasimabad, District Hyderabad, Sindh through skills enhancement in indigenous Sindhi embroidery products Hydraabad Sindh Women's Issues 2015-12-01 2016-06-30 58,913 58,913 Closed
152 Naunihal Development Organization (NDO) Wool Processing & Pattu Weaving Training The project improved livelihood opportunities for 60 women belonging to UC Proper Nagar and UC Asqurdas .The project achieved this through establishment of Wool Enterprise Development Centers (WEDC's) in each UC, capacity building of identified project beneficiaries in wool processing i.e. from shearing to weaving wool products and setting up market linkages. Hunza Nagar GB Entrepreneurship 2016-01-01 2016-09-30 49,171 49,171 Closed
153 Sarban Development Organization Women Empowerment Program (WEP) Through USAID awarded grant, SDO supported improving socio-economic status of 150 women belonging to District Chakwal, Punjab through provision of vocational trainings in four trades i.e. Montessori teaching, Beautician, Machine Embroidery and Adda Work. The project will impart vocational skills to 150 women and elevated their status as a skilled, self-employed and earning member of the household and the community. Chakwal Punjab Women's Issues 2015-12-01 2016-08-31 44,763 44,763 Closed
154 Lead Against Marginality & Poverty (LAMP) Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement of 450 Women in Tharparkar Lead Against Marginality and Poverty (LAMP)' improved the socio-economic status of 450 rural women belonging to two Union Councils of Taluka Diplo, District Tharparkar through livestock management training and provision of goats and chicken for rearing. Tharparkar Sindh Women's Issues 2015-12-01 2016-06-30 70,578 70,578 Closed
155 Mendi Local Support Organization (MLSO) Women Economic Empowerment through Wool Value Chain Development MLSO developed value chain of woolen products in UC Mendi of District Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. It established 06 wool spinning centers and 03 wool weaving centers where 72 women have been trained in these skills over a period of 05 months. Skardu GB Entrepreneurship 2016-03-01 2016-11-30 73,488 73,488 Closed
156 Root Work Foundation (RWF) Empowering Rural Women through Small Enterprise Development in District Dadu The project empowered 143 women from Union Council Bahawalpur of Tehsil Johi, District Dadu, Sindh by assisting 43 women in establishing village level home-based grocery shops for enhancing their income and assisting 100 women associated with Wann (rope) making business in improving their existing enterprise and boosting their income level by providing technical and material support. Dadu Sindh Women's Issues 2016-01-16 2016-07-30 68,656 68,656 Closed
157 Human Organization for Peaceful Environment (HOPE) Developing Agro based Enterprise in District Washuk The Project improved economic status of 200 farmers of District Washuk by developing district level Agro based Enterprise, enhancing marketing capacity of the farmers through training and establishing market linkages as well as exposure visit to Karachi Washuk Balochistan Entrepreneurship 2015-11-16 2016-05-15 28,238 28,238 Closed
158 Wildlife Conservation Society Improving Governance, Livelihoods, and Wildlife Conservation through Community-based Natural Resource Management WCS strengthened the relations among local communities, regional and national government institutions, and other stakeholders to ensure the long-term conservation, co-management and sustainability of wildlife, forests and other natural resources in Gilgit-Baltistan Astore,Diamer,Ghizer,Gilgit,Hunza Nagar GB Wildlife Conservation 2015-12-01 2016-08-31 91,693 91,693 Closed
159 Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society (GESWS) Establishment of Bulbulik Heritage Centre (Bulbulik Maktab) in Gulmit, Gojal Hunza (Phase-1) GESWS aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Wakhi community in Gojal, Hunza-Nagar district of Gilgit-Baltistan by establishing a Bulburik (Music) Heritage Centre in Gulmit and providing training in traditional musical instrument(s) to 60 people. Hunza Nagar GB Cultural Preservation 2016-04-16 2017-04-15 67,106 67,106 Closed
160 Asia Humanitarian Organization (AHO) Provision of Safe Drinking Water Facilities Closed D.I.Khan KPK Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2016-06-02 2016-06-02 0 0 Closed
161 Lahore Mental Health Association Construction of Women Block for Women Suffering From Mental Illness at Fountain House Sargodha Closed Sargodha Punjab Women's Issues 2016-07-14 2016-07-14 0 0 Closed
162 NAYA JEEVAN DoctHERs: Empowering Women Who Work The project brought home- based professionally trained women in the main workforce and connected them with the underserved female patients from 06 urban slums of Karachi via nurse-assisted telemedicine service. Naya Jeevan has filled this gap by creating a network of 15 home based female doctors & induction of 15 nurses/ Community Midwife (CMW's)/ Community Health Workers (CHW's), trained them in telemedicine and provided assistance through quality & affordable healthcare to 1,000 low-income women. Karachi Sindh Women's Issues 2016-04-01 2016-11-30 71,266 71,266 Closed
163 Sukhi Development Foundation Supporting Youth for Establishing Solar Energy Enterprises in Mirpur,AJK Grant supported SDF to promote home based solar energy technology by selecting and training the youth of Mirpur City, AJK in establishing solar energy enterprises as a means to income generation and green energy solutions. Mirpur AJK Entrepreneurship 2016-04-15 2017-04-15 55,914 55,914 Closed
164 Qurumbar and Shandur Area Development Organization (QASADO) Improving Income of Communities through Provision of Fruit Solar Dehydration Plants in Tehsil Mastuj Qurumbar and Shandur Area Development Organization (QASADO) improved the income of communities in Tehsil Mastuj, District Chitral through provision of 54 portable solar dehydration plants to 150 selected women for speedy, safe and hygienic fruit drying. The project involved training of 150 women beneficiaries in fruit drying, packaging and establishment of market linkages with buyers and exporters along with provision of solar dehydration plants, nut cracking and grading machines. Chitral KPK Entrepreneurship 2016-04-15 2017-01-14 67,408 67,408 Closed
165 Health and Nutrition Society (HNS) Improving Water Storage Facilities in Union Council Nalaint through Construction of Surface Water Tanks The project aims to improve storage of safe drinking water in six villages of Union Council Nalaint, Tehsil Pasni, District Gwadar through construction of 12 water storage tanks, which would ultimately benefit approx. 4,060 community members. Gwadar Balochistan Water Sanitation & Hygiene 2016-05-16 2017-05-15 74,658 74,658 Closed
166 Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN) Women Economic Empowerment through Skills Enhancement of 120 Female Artisan?s in District Pishin The project aims to economically empower 120 artisans of two UCs of District Pishin through skills enhancement training on Galabatoon Embroidery, Pashtoon Khamak Embroidery, and Kandhari Khamak Embroidery The project will develop linkages and increase access of 120 women artisans to market through AHAN's existing Display Center in Quetta office. Pishin Balochistan Women's Issues 2016-06-16 2017-03-15 48,897 48,897 Closed
167 Rural Development Organization "Empowerment of 150 Persons with Disabilities (PWD?s) through Skills Development in District Gujranwala" Under this grant, RDO identified 150 persons with disabilities (120 women and 30 men) and enrolled them for skill development training in tailoring with a prime mission to elevate their self-esteem and enhance their socio-economic status by reducing their dependency on family members Gujranwala Punjab Women's Issues 2016-05-16 2017-03-31 65,370 65,370 Closed
168 National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) Empowering Women with Disabilities through Skills Development National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) empowered 60 women with disabilities through skill development training in tailoring in Tehsil Nawabshah of District Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh. The women trainees were also be supported further through establishment of market linkages and provision of a toolkit (with consumable and non-consumable items) for practicing the acquired skills at home. Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh Entrepreneurship 2016-06-01 2017-01-31 47,901 47,901 Closed
169 Sustainable Development Organization Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female Artisans through Skills Enhancement The Project aims to improve the socio-economic status of 160 female artisans belonging to 06 villages of Union Gojra and Chattar Domel, District Muzaffarabad, AJK through skill enhancement in 02 types of embroidery. Muzaffarabad AJK Entrepreneurship 2016-04-15 2017-05-14 54,676 54,676 Closed
170 Durawa Development organization Scaling up Handicraft Value Chain for Kashmiri Women Project aims to improve productivity and socio-economic condition of 140 home based craftswomen belonging to District Bagh, AJK in 08 months' time period. The project focuses on improving the quality of handicraft products as per latest market trends and increasing sales and income through exposure to new markets, building direct market linkages and showcasing the culture of Kashmir in other parts of the country. Bagh AJK Vulnerable Populations 2017-01-01 2017-10-30 57,501 35,086 Ongoing
171 Public Welfare Organization (PWO) Livestock based Livelihood for Women in District Lodhran Closed Lodhran Punjab Vulnerable Populations 2016-06-10 2016-06-10 0 0 Closed
172 Karakorum Associates for Educational and Economic Development (KAEED) Improving Income of Women through Capacity Building in Wool Processing and Entrepreneurship Development Project aims to provide training to 90 women in wool processing and shawl making. These women belong to 16 villages of UC-Gupis and 10 villages of UC- Rawshan of District Ghizar, Gilgit Baltistan. Besides skills development, these women would also be supported to establish small enterprises for having sustained income. Ghizer GB Women's Issues 2016-07-16 2017-05-31 77,848 77,848 Closed
173 Al Shahbaz Women Organization (ASWO) Enhancing Women?s Access to Justice ASWO intends to raise awareness on women rights and improve access to justice for women working in formal and informal sectors in three UC's of Tehsil and District Shigar, Gilgit Baltistan Skardu GB Women's Issues 2016-09-16 2017-11-30 64,597 51,317 Ongoing
174 Anjuman Falah-O-Bahbood AIDS Council (AFAC) Sustainable Livelihood for 200 Vulnerable Women Closed Kech Balochistan Vulnerable Populations 2016-06-10 2016-06-10 0 0 Closed
175 Baltistan Culture & Development Foundation (BCDF) Revitalization of Indigenous Culture of Baltistan The project aims to revive Balti culture (with special focus on Balti music, language & literature) in five valleys of Baltistan Ghanche, Skardu GB Cultural Preservation 2016-07-16 2017-07-15 79,335 79,335 Closed
176 FACE Endangered Sounds of Pakistan FACE aims to preserve local culture and music by promoting 11 indigenous endangered musical instruments (already identified). The grantee aims to produce a video documentary (60-90 Minutes) of these 11 indigenous musical instruments and their associated musicians/ craftsmen. Footage of the video documentary will be recorded at specific locations in Punjab, KPK, GB, Balochistan and Sindh, where these approx.17-20 male musicians/ craftsmen (mostly identified) are located. The stories of 11 musical instruments along with their associated musicians/craftsmen will be interwoven together in their cultural context to create a tapestry of the rich diverse musical heritage of Pakistan Nationwide GB Culture and the Arts 2016-11-16 2017-09-15 74,873 59,214 Ongoing
177 Society for Community Action Process (SCAP) Improving Living Standard of Underprivileged Population through Installation of Home Based Solar Energy Systems The project aims to improve the living standard of 100 households (approx. 765 community members) by reducing their dependence on kerosene oil (used for lighting and hazardous to health) and providing them an alternate source of energy. The project includes provision of 100 solar energy systems in five off-grid villages of Union Council Desht-e-Gohran, Tehsil & District Kalat kalat Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2016-07-16 2017-03-15 78,127 78,127 Closed
178 Baghbaan Trust Pakistan Skill Development Center for Marginalized Female Communities in District Muzaffarabad Baghbaan Trust (BT) intends to increase the income of 180 marginalized females from two Union Councils of District Muzaffarabad, AJK, through provision of 3 months tailoring training including 01 month apprenticeship to create active linkages with the garment vendors locally and in Muzaffarabad city. Each beneficiary woman will also be provided a toolkit comprising a sewing machine fixed on a desk, a chair, an electric iron and basic tailoring consumables. Muzaffarabad AJK Vulnerable Populations 2017-08-16 2018-03-15 67,283 30,691 Ongoing
179 Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation Augmenting Widow's Access to Decent Work through Vocational Skills ARTS intends to mainstream 200 widows belonging to Mirpurkhas City through provision of 3 months Garment Making/ Tailoring Training. Project provided toolkit to continue the practice of acquired skills and would establish market linkages with garment vendors/ boutiques/ shopkeepers in the area to have a better access to mainstream market. Mirpurkhas Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2016-09-16 2017-06-30 76,591 76,591 Closed
180 Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) Rehabilitation and Empowerment of 100 Persons with Disabilities (PWD?s) through Skills Development Training KADO aims to empower 100 persons with disabilities (PWDs) from Tehsil Aliabad of District Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan through skills development training in three trades i.e. pattu/ fabric making, traditional floor rugs making and artificial jewelry & beads making. Hunza Nagar GB Vulnerable Populations 2016-09-16 2017-08-31 77,762 77,762 Closed
181 Centre for Peace and Development (CPD) Empowering Female Hazara Community to Live a Dignified Life Center for Peace and Development (CPD)' aims to economically empower 320 vulnerable women (widows & orphan girls) from Hazara community (religious minority group) through skills development in tailoring and sewing Quetta Balochistan Vulnerable Populations 2016-08-16 2017-07-15 68,758 68,758 Closed
182 Basic Needs Pakistan Empowering People with Mental Illnesses and Epilepsy (PWMIEs) through Community level Sustainable Livelihood Initiative in District Matiari, Sindh Basic Needs Pakistan (BNP) aims to improve the standard of living of people with mental illness and epilepsy in District Matiari Sindh. The organization seeks to do this by identifying 140 females with mental illness and epilepsy (PWMIE), and providing them the required level of psycho-social rehabilitation, provision of 03 months embroidery and handicrafts skills training (70 PWMIEs in embroidery & 70 PWMIEs in handicrafts), building capacity of approximately 280 caregivers of PWMIE and 275 community members by organizing mental health education and awareness sessions and establishing market linkages to ensure sustainability. Matiari Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2016-12-15 2017-09-14 68,020 68,020 Closed
183 Rural Development organization (RDO) Addressing Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Women in District Buner The project improved social & economic conditions of 200 female affectees of harmful social and cultural practices (HSCPs) belonging to UC Nagrai and UC Karappa, District Buner through raising awareness on HSCP's by organizing awareness events and sensitization workshops and provision of tailoring training (100 women) and enterprise development training (100 women). Buner KPK Vulnerable Populations 2016-10-16 2017-06-15 19,069 19,069 Closed
184 Shinaki Area Development Organization Empowering Vulnerable Youth through Skills Development Training in Lapidary and Jewelry Making SADO intends to economically empower 260 vulnerable youth from Union Council Shinaki, Tehsil Aliabad, District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan through provision of sustainable income generation skills. The major activities include five days training of 200 males in Gems identification and Safe Mining and six months training of 60 females from village Nairabad of UC Shinaki, in beads & jewelry making using Almandine Garnet stone. Hunza Nagar GB Vulnerable Populations 2016-11-24 2017-11-23 75,457 66,709 Ongoing
185 Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skills Development Company (PCESSDC) Improving Livelihood Opportunities for Unskilled Youth PCESSDC intends to improve the livelihood opportunities for 180 unskilled youth (all male) from Tehsil/ Taluka Daharki, District Ghotki, Sindh, through 4 months technical training in three trades i.e. welding, carpentry and general electrician. After training completion, the organization through its already established networks would link the trainees with the surrounding industry. Ghotki Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2016-12-16 2017-11-15 66,689 55,240 Ongoing
186 CEENA Health and Welfare Services Orphan Care Support Project aims to enhance the physical and psychological development of orphan children, improve their health & nutrition and continue their education. The grantee plans to achieve this by upgrading CEENA Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) – (having the capacity to accommodate/ temporarily shelter 10 abandoned babies), upgrading & supporting CEENA Empowerment Center (having 100 orphan children) for one year, train 50 girls in tailoring skills, create awareness on child support and child protection through 10 community sessions and 05 advocacy events. Gilgit GB Vulnerable Populations 2016-11-25 2017-11-24 74,399 74,399 Closed
187 DANESH Support Services for Child Sexual Abuse & Violence Survivors Project aims to strengthen the support mechanism i.e. provision of medical, legal and psychosocial aid to children facing sexual abuse and & violence in District Sibi. Strengthening of the support mechanism is expected to protect the children from sexual abuse and violence, rehabilitate & reintegrate the child sexual abuse (CSA) & violence survivors into normal life. Sibbi Balochistan Vulnerable Populations 2016-11-15 2017-09-30 65,546 65,546 Closed
188 Laar Environmental Awareness Forum (LEAF) Promoting Alternate Energy Solutions through Women Participation The project aims to improve the living standards of approx. 4,370 individuals from off grid coastal communities residing in 22 small villages (100% population) of Union Council Seerani, Tehsil & District Badin, Sindh through provision of alternate energy solutions. LEAF plans to distribute 1,094 solar lanterns (2 per household), install 10 solar street lights, establish a supply chain management system of solar products, raise awareness among communities about alternate energy and using it effectively for income generation activities. Badin Sindh Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2016-11-16 2017-08-31 55,309 55,309 Closed
189 Buksh Foundation Lightening a Million Lives: Access to Clean Energy for ALL. Buksh Foundation (BF) aims to provide renewable solar energy solutions to empower vulnerable womenfolk in Southern Punjab. The project will distribute solar lanterns among 2,000 Households in the un-electrified villages located in District Bahawalpur and will orient concerned community members regarding the importance of solar light and operation of the distributed rechargeable solar lanterns. Bhawalpur Punjab Small-Scale Energy Solutions 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 74,856 0 Ongoing
190 Research and Development Solutions (RADS) Economic Empowerment of Low Literacy Women for Social Change and Entrepreneurship in Low Income Urban Communities” RADS aims to empower 20 low educated women living in low income urban communities of Dhoke Hassu (UC 5 & UC 6), District Rawalpindi through a community-based, women-led, health and social entrepreneurship model. These women (called as “Aapis” or sisters) will be identified and trained in social entrepreneurship and mobilization. They will visit households, create demand for preventive health services among women and meet the demand by selling products (immunization, deworming, chlorine tablets, ORS, nutritional supplements, sanitary pads, basic cosmetics, and family planning). Rawalpindi Punjab Social Entrepreneurship 2016-11-15 2017-11-14 76,054 65,429 Ongoing
191 Indus Social Welfare & Development Organization (ISWDO) Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Communities in District Kohistan. Grant aims to reduce the negative impacts of natural hazards by putting the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Systems and interventions in place, in 13 disaster prone villages of District Kohistan. ISWDO plans to achieve this by forming Disaster Management Committees (DMCs) for disaster preparation of communities, preparation of school emergency and disaster management plans, public awareness campaign, improving the capacity of local & regional disaster management authorities to respond efficiently, and develop effective Early Warning Systems (EWS) in target communities. kohistan KPK Disaster Preparedness 2016-11-16 2017-09-15 59,388 59,388 Closed
192 Khunjarab Villagers Organization (KVO) Disaster Preparedness for Schools in District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan Khunjarab Villagers Organization (KVO) aims to enhance the capacity of communities, teachers, and students for developing and implementing school disaster preparedness plans in 46 communities to avoid the negative impacts of disasters/hazards on the continuity of functioning of schools and education facilities in the disaster prone areas of Union Councils Gojal-I and Gojal-II, District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. Hunza Nagar GB Disaster Preparedness 2016-12-01 2017-10-15 61,894 48,186 Ongoing
193 Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) Creating Resilient Communities in Shimshal Valley Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FHA) aims to build the capacity of 190 community members of Shimshal Valley and make them resilient to Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) events. The beneficiaries would be selected from 05 villages of Shimshal Valley of Hunza Nagar, GB. The project will also build the capacity of 10 Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) officials in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Multi Sector Cluster Initial Risk Assessment (MIRA). Hunza Nagar GB Disaster Preparedness 2017-02-01 2017-12-31 74,034 50,016 Ongoing
194 Anjuman Falah-O-Bahbood AIDS Council (AFAC) Installation of Home Based Solar Energy Solutions The project aims to improve the living standard of 95 households (approx. 1,071 community members) by reducing their dependence on kerosene oil (used for lighting after dark and hazardous to health) and provide them alternate source of energy. The project includes provision of 95 solar energy systems in two off-grid villages of Union Council Nag Zamuran, Tehsil Buleda, District Kech thus covering 100% population Kech Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-01-16 2017-09-30 70,057 70,057 Closed
195 Global Movement for Children & Women (GMCW) Rural Solar Energy Initiative (RSEI) Through the proposed intervention Global Movement for Children & Women (GMCW) aims to provide renewable solar energy solutions to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities in District Khuzdar, Baluchistan, that are not connected with national grid.The organization proposes to do this by providing home based solar energy systems comprising solar panel of 150 watts, inverter of 300 watts, battery of 150AH and charge controller of 15 Ampere Hours to the entire population of 02 villages of UC Manyalo, Tehsil Mulla & District Khuzdar; hiring technical consultant for supervising successful installation of the solar systems; and imparting technical training to 25 male members of the targeted community on solar electrification and post-project support and maintenance. Khuzdar Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-02-16 2017-10-15 73,615 73,615 Closed
196 Area Development Organization (ADO) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 120 Households in District Muzaffarabad The project aims to improve the quality of life of 120 poor households in three villages of UC Kaimanja and UC Hattian Dupatta, Tehsil & District Muzaffarabad, AJK through provision of home-based solar energy systems Muzaffarabad AJK Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-03-15 2018-01-31 75,484 66,683 Ongoing
197 Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) To Empower Women Politically and Address Existing Women Issues through Capacity Building Initiatives Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) aims to improve political participation of women in District Nowshehra. The organization seeks to do this by undertaking a research focusing on identifying and addressing obstacles to women participation in politics; building political/legislative skills of 165 women councilors elected through the local body election in 2015, 50 female CBO representatives, 45 office bearers of political parties and 40 Lady Health Workers (LHWs)/Lady Health Visitors (LHVs); setting up three 10-member caucuses of women councilors and enabling them to monitor as well as enhance gender sensitive development at the local government level; and conducting a media campaign emphasizing the role of women in politics for enhanced political participation of womenfolk in the target area. Nowshera KPK Vulnerable Populations 2017-02-01 2017-11-30 65,109 65,109 Closed
198 Women Development Baltistan (WDB) Women Economic Empowerment through Capacity Building in Garment Making The project aims to improve socio-economic condition of 120 craftswomen belonging to Union Council Shigri Kurd & Main City Skardu, District Skardu, GB. The project focuses on improving the quality of readymade garments (including school uniforms) produced by these women. WDB aims to achieve this by establishing 02 garment manufacturing units, training 120 females in advanced level vocational skills, formation of 04 enterprise groups, establishing one outlet for display and sales of products, showcasing the work of women in exhibitions and fostering direct market linkages. Skardu GB Vulnerable Populations 2017-03-01 2017-12-31 75,651 65,430 Ongoing
199 Calyx Foundation Improving Livelihood for Women Artisans of Haripur "Through the proposed intervention, Calyx Foundation (CF) aims to revive the traditional Art of Phulkari by technically and economically empowering local Women Artisans (WAs) through the use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The organization seeks to do this by identifying 150 WAs; providing them an extensive 02-month training on the art of Phulkari and product development; imparting training on e-commerce, basics of business management and an introduction to micro-finance; setting-up 150 e-stores for the trained WAs with an effort to connect them with the national and international market for their sustainable income generation. " Haripur KPK Culture and the Arts 2017-02-16 2017-08-15 67,468 67,468 Closed
200 Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) Improving Disaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of Communities and Stakeholders in UC Kherther, District Jaffarabad "SMAAJ aims to empower vulnerable target communities of 20 villages of UC Kherther, Tehsil Usta Muhammad, District Jaffarabad by improving their preparedness to cope with natural disasters particularly flash floods through: 1) Awareness raising on ‘Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)' by holding 160 Community Sessions . 2) Preparing community for disaster management by forming 20 Community Based Organizations (CBOs)/ Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) with separate male and female wings comprising 10-15 members in each wing. 3) Capacity building of 400-600 CBO/ CERT members by organizing forty 03 days' CBDRM Training events and provision of an emergency response kit to each CBO/ CERT. 4) Linking Communities with District Early Warning System. " Jaffarabad Balochistan Disaster Preparedness 2017-01-16 2017-11-30 69,278 58,420 Ongoing
201 Network of Disaster Management Practitioners (NDMP) Disaster Preparedness in 34 Government Schools of District Chitral NDMP aims to mainstream disaster risk reduction and management in the education sector, primarily targeting 34 government schools from District Chitral by organizing oreintation workshops on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) in 21 schools and training of 630 persons (60% male & 40% females) including members of Parent Teacher Committees (PTCs), School Management and students. Grantee will also develop School Safety Plans for another 13 schools. Close coordination will be maintained with education department. Chitral KPK Disaster Preparedness 2017-02-16 2017-12-15 70,768 70,768 Closed
202 National Integrated Development Association (NIDA) Female Youth Empowerment through Marketable Skills Training The project aims to improve social & economic conditions of 80 marginalized women and their families through training them in Advanced Boutique, Tailoring and Hand/Machine Embroidery. The women trainees (40 under Advanced Boutique Tailoring and 40 under Hand/Machine Embroidery) would also be encouraged to create linkages through arranging 02 Exhibitions. Moreover, the successful trainees would be provided with a Machine and toolkit for practicing the acquired skills at home to ensure sustainability. Mardan KPK Vulnerable Populations 2017-10-01 2018-04-30 58,490 23,163 Ongoing
203 Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) Expanding Access of Widows & Divorced Women to Decent Work through Vocational Skills SSSF intends to mainstream widows and divorced 160 women belonging to 06 urban Union Councils of Nawabshah City through provision of 3 months tailoring training to 100 women and 3 months Beautician training to another 60 women. Each beneficiary woman will also receive relevant toolkit and project will support establishing market linkages of these women with garment vendors/ boutiques/ shopkeepers in the area. Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2017-06-02 2018-01-31 79,216 71,043 Ongoing
204 Farmers Development Organization (FDO) Promoting the Handicrafts of Southern Punjab through Women Social Enterprises. The project aims to establish three small scale social enterprises managed by the artisan's common interest groups in District Multan. Establishing these enterprises would enable 125 women & 15 men artisans belonging to three revenue villages of Union Council Binda Sandeela to earn a decent income by practicing their indigenous embroidery and art work. Multan Punjab Social Entrepreneurship 2017-06-01 2018-01-31 62,202 48,963 Ongoing
205 Bright Star Development Society Balochistan (BSDSB) Building Resilience through Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) in district Sohbat Pur Balochistan "Project aims to empower vulnerable communities of 30 villages of District Sohbat Pur, Balochistan Province, by building their resilience against natural disasters and improving preparedness of local communities to cope with natural disasters. For this, grantee will: 1) form Village, UC and School level Disaster Management Committees and build their capacities on Disaster Rrisk Reduction; 2) prepare Village level Disaster Risk Management Plans (VDRMPs); 3) form Emergency Reponses Teams (ERTs) and provide Emergency Contingency Stock; 4) link Communities with Early Warning System; 5) massive community awareness raisng; 6) Formation of District level Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Forum to bridge the gap between communities and DDMA and provision of equipment to Emergency Control Room at Deputy Commissioner Office also form part of the project. " sohbatpur Balochistan Disaster Preparedness 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 59,240 0 Ongoing
206 Sustainable Peace & Development Organization (SPADO) Better Prepared Communities to Cope with Natural Disasters in District Charsadda "Project aims to improve the disaster management capacity of population of 20 villages of UC Nisatta in District Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to avert/ minimize loss of lives and property in the event of a disaster. Project activities include: 1) Community mobilization and formation of Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs), separate for men and women in identified all 20 villages of the UC and capacity building of its 400 community members (50% female) in disaster management through 3 days training at community level; 2) Formation of School Disaster Management Committees (SDMCs) in 9 government boys and 9 government girls schools of the UC and capacity building of its 150 members in disaster management through 3 days training at school level; 3) Provision of ‘Emergency Response Kit' to each male Village Disaster Management Committee to be placed at office of the Village/ Neighborhood Council or any other appropriate place as decided by the Village Disaster Management Committee; 4) Development of ‘Disaster Management Plans' for the 20 selected villages and 18 government schools of the UC and its vetting by District Disaster Management Unit (DDMU) Charsadda " Charssada KPK Disaster Preparedness 2017-05-16 2018-01-15 75,495 63,347 Ongoing
207 Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Communities in District Chitral. Grant to BLSO aims to reduce the negative impacts of natural hazards by setting up Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) systems in four disaster prone villages of District Chitral. BLSO plans to improve the communities capacity to respond disasters by organizing them into Community Emergency Response Team's (CERT's), provision of trainings and stockpiling, preparing 4 village level Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) plans, awareness of disaster preparedness in 26 schools, establishing an Emergency Response Center in Booni Village, Upper Chitral, holding stakeholders workshop and developing community linkages with local government authorities. Chitral KPK Disaster Preparedness 2017-05-16 2018-01-15 73,107 57,143 Ongoing
208 Khpal Kor Foundation (KKF) Provision of 20 KW Solar Energy System at Khpal Kor Foundation Girls Campus. The Khpal Kor Foundation (KKF) aims to install 20 KW Solar Energy System to provide alternate source of energy at existing KKF Model School where 460 girls (Including 119 day scholar orphans, 116 resident orphans and 225 girls from the nearby community) of District Swat are provided quality education Swat KPK Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-06-01 2017-11-30 49,975 37,198 Ongoing
209 Community Advancement Prosper Society (CAPS) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 76 Households of District Noshki. The proposed project aims to improve the living standard of 76 households (approx. 522 community members) by reducing their dependence on kerosene oil (used for lighting after dark and hazardous to health) and provide them alternate source of energy. The project includes provision of 76 solar energy systems in three off-grid villages of Union Council Anambostan, Tehsil & District Noshki thus covering 100% population Nuski Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2018-01-15 2018-07-14 72,035 7,683 Ongoing
210 Rabt Development Organization (RDO) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 140 Households in 3 villages of Manoor Valley, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra The project aims to improve the living standard of 140 households (approx. 1064 community members) in off grid locations by reducing their dependence on kerosene oil, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders and forest wood (used for cooking and lighting after dark and hazardous to health) and provide them alternate source of energy i.e. solar energy Mansara KPK Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-06-01 2017-12-31 80,526 71,259 Ongoing
211 Gender and Empowerment Organization (GEO) Provision of Electricity to District Jaffarabad and Sohbat Pur through Solar Panel Through the proposed intervention ‘Gender and Empowerment Organization' (GEO) aims to transform the lives of the underprivileged communities residing in district Jaffarabad and district Sohbat Pur in Baluchistan to enhance their productivity by introducing renewable energy solutions in their daily lives. Jaffarabad,sohbatpur Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-10-01 2018-03-31 74,436 26,834 Ongoing
212 Adara-e-Behbood-e-Umar Rasida (ABURO) Construction of Missing Facilitates at ABUR Old Age Home Closed as per USAID instructions DELETE Balochistan Vulnerable Populations 2016-09-27 2016-09-27 0 0 Closed
213 Gupis Rural Support Programme (GRSP) Improving Income of Communities through Provision of Fruit Solar Dehydration Plants in Union Council Gupis The project aims to improve livelihood opportunities of 61 women living in 18 villages of Tehsil Gupis, District Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan through provision of 61 portable solar dehydration plants. Ghizer GB Vulnerable Populations 2017-09-16 2018-03-15 64,452 13,876 Ongoing
214 Al Asar Development Organization (ADO) Empowering Community Members with Disabilities through Skills Development in District Dera Ghazi Khan The project aims to empower 70 people (25 men, 45 women) with disabilities through skill development training in tailoring & beautician in District Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab. The trainees would also be supported further through establishment of market linkages and provision of a toolkit (with consumable and non-consumable items) for practicing the acquired skills at home. Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Vulnerable Populations 2017-11-16 2018-05-15 57,925 8,358 Ongoing
215 Village Development Organization (VDO) Improved Income Generation of Women Vulnerable Groups through Skills Enhancement The project aims to empower 150 marginalized women belonging to 13 Wards of Ghotki City Area through provision of one-month training in Garment Making/Tailoring (50), Hand Embroidery (40), Machine Embroidery (40), and Beautician (20). Provision of relevant toolkit for each training trade and establishing market linkages with garment vendors/ boutiques/ shopkeepers also form part of the intervention. Ghotki Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2017-09-01 2018-02-28 60,653 51,964 Ongoing
216 Support With Working Solutions (SWWS) Support Vulnerable Population of District Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan The project aims for socioeconomic empowerment of impoverished women home based workers of two Union Councils of Tehsil Razar, District Swabi by mapping and selecting deserving 150 Women Home Based Workers (WHBWs); conducting 04-day long training workshops to impart advanced training on Product Ideation and Designing, Product Development and Prototyping and Sample Production and Input Supplier Integration; providing a basic toolkit to the beneficiaries; and setting up Trade Facilitation & Communication Centers to connect them with the local market for sustainable income generation Swabi KPK Vulnerable Populations 2017-10-01 2018-02-28 45,847 21,685 Ongoing
217 SAHARA Voluntary Social Welfare Agency for Physically Disabled (SVSWAPD) Empowerment of Vulnerable Population including Persons With Disabilities Through Provision of Socio-Economic Rights The project aims for socioeconomic empowerment of underprivileged community members, including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), residing in five Union Councils of Tehsil and District Dera Ismail Khan. The organization seeks to do this by Identifying 100 beneficiaries, both male & female (at least 50% PWDs, with lower limb disabilities and mild listening and speaking disabilities); imparting an extensive 04-month training to the beneficiaries on Tailoring, Embroidery, Beautician Course, Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Enterprise Development; providing a basic toolkit to the female beneficiaries; and setting up display center with an effort to connect them with the local market for sustainable income generation Dera Ismail khan KPK Vulnerable Populations 2017-11-16 2018-05-15 60,144 13,558 Ongoing
218 SERVE Empowering Community through Livelihood Enhancement SERVE aims to improve quality of life of 150 vulnerable families (comprising 1140 individuals) belonging to 3 villages of Union Council Hathala, Tehsil Kulachi, District D.I. Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through provision of 2 months Tailoring training (uniform stitching) to 150 selected women belonging to 150 families, 01 month apprenticeship to create active linkages with the uniform suppliers and provision of relevant toolkit to each beneficiary Dera Ismail khan KPK Vulnerable Populations 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 59,591 34,381 Ongoing
219 Iqra Fund Providing equitable, quality and sustained school education and vocational training to vulnerable communities The ‘Iqra Fund (IF)' aims to ensure sustained school education to vulnerable girls and imparting marketable skills to out of school poor girls/women for income generation in Basho Valley, Union Council Kachura, Tehsil Gamba, District Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan Skardu GB Vulnerable Populations 2017-10-16 2018-04-16 59,604 15,059 Ongoing
220 Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency (PILDAT) Enhancing Empowerment of Women and Minorities of South Punjab through More Effective Use of RTI Law PILDAT aims to improve local governance and delivery of public services by creating awareness on ‘Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act (PTRTIA) 2013' among people of South Punjab especially women, minorities, media and civil society Bahawalpur & Lodhran Punjab Vulnerable Populations 2017-09-16 2018-05-15 60,939 22,871 Ongoing
221 Azat Foundation (AF) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 100 Households in 2 villages of UC Totazai, Tehsil & District Kharan Azat Foundation aims to improve the living standard of 102 households (approx. 775 community members) in off grid locations by reducing their dependence on kerosene oil, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders and forest wood (used for cooking and lighting after dark and hazardous to health) and provide them alternate source of energy i.e. solar energy. The project includes provision of 102 solar energy systems in two off-grid villages of Union Council Totazai, Tehsil & District Kharan thus covering 100% population. Kharan Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-10-16 2018-04-16 75,768 28,205 Ongoing
222 Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) Improving Learning Environment for Underprivileged Students through Installation of Solar Energy Systems at 05 Community Schools of District Sanghar The project aims to improve the learning environment in 05 community schools through provision of solar energy systems. These 05 schools are being run in 05 villages of Tehsil & District Sanghar and currently have 1,182 enrolled students (748 boys, 434 girls). SDF also plans to conduct repair & maintenance training for 25 staff members from respective schools on provided solar systems, and general maintenance training of school students on provided solar study lights. Sanghar Sindh Vulnerable Populations 2017-11-01 2018-04-30 40,964 6,025 Ongoing
223 Swat Participatory Council (SPC) Small Scale Energy Solutions to Female Artisans of Weaving Cluster in Islampur to Minimize their Burden and Ensure their Economic Empowerment The project aims to enhance work efficiency and productivity of 150 female artisans involved in the illustrious Islampur cottage industry of District Swat by providing them with green energy as a solution to their daily workplace toil Swat KPK Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-09-01 2018-02-28 74,088 31,500 Ongoing
224 Pakhtunkhwa Rural Support Program (PRSP) Capacity building for Community Resilience in District Charsadda of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakhtunkhwa Rural Support Program (PRSP) aims to build community resilience against calamities by providing disaster management capacity building exercises to the residents of 10 villages of UC Municipal Committee-1 (MC-1), District Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Charsaddah KPK Disaster Preparedness 2016-12-16 2018-06-15 71,240 7,120 Ongoing
225 Community Awareness Raising Advocacy & Venture Around Needs (CARAVAN) Improving Disaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of Communities & Stakeholders in UC Baidara of District Swat Community Awareness Raising Advocacy & Venture Around Needs (CARAVAN)' aims to reduce the negative impacts of natural disasters on local communities of UC Baidara, Tehsil Matta, District Swat by strengthening the local institutions & departments and putting the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Systems and interventions in place Swat KPK Disaster Preparedness 2017-10-01 2018-04-30 54,390 24,566 Ongoing
226 Sujag Sansar Organization (SSO) Revitalizing Mystic Music Groups of District Dadu through Provision of Training & Economic Opportunities Sujag Sansar Organization (SSO) aims to revive the folk & sufi (mystic) music of Tehsil Johi, District Dadu, which is an integral part of the rich Sindhi culture and gradually diminishing due to out flux of artists towards other lucrative professions/ jobs. Dadu Sindh Culture and the Arts 2017-11-01 2018-04-30 43,322 23,067 Ongoing
227 Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER) Social Protection and Safety Nets (SPSN) The Project aims to safeguard the rights of 500 violence affected women, through social protection by equitable access to justice based on laws and policies protecting their fundamental rights and empower 160 vulnerable women by improving their socio-economic status through better livelihood opportunities. Mianwali & Khushab Punjab Social Entrepreneurship 2017-12-01 2018-07-31 75,195 13,721 Ongoing
228 Tameer-e-khalaq Foundation Provision of Solar Home Systems to Underprivileged Communities The project aims to improve the quality of life of 50 Households residing in two off-grid villages of UC Shah Noorani, District Khuzdar, Balochistan, through provision of home based solar energy systems. Khuzdaar Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 2017-11-16 2018-04-15 44,260 5,571 Ongoing
229 World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan Empowering The Vulnerable Communities Of District Musakhel Through Provision Of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Solutions Grant aims to transform the lives of the underprivileged communities residing in district Musakhel, Baluchistan by introducing renewable energy solutions in their daily lives. Musakhel Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 52,896 0 Ongoing
230 Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) Pakistan Mountain Folk Music School Grant aims for preservation and promotion of the folk music heritage of the endangered languages (Burushaski, Wakhi & Shina) of mountainous region i.e. district Hunza, District Ghizer and district Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan. The organization plans to do this by selecting 06 private secondary schools (03 for girls; 03 for boys) in Tehsil Hunza, Ghizer and Gilgit; Develop music curriculum focusing mainly on Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina (local languages) using “Sitar” and “Rabab” among other musical instruments; Hire an expert consultant for music curriculum development; Take music teachers on-board to conduct music classes in these schools on regular basis; Procurement and distribution of Sitar and Rabab to the selected schools; and Digitization of old folk songs of Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina and its dissemination, thus saving them from extinction. Hunza, Ghizer, Gilgit GB Culture and the Arts 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 56,713 0 Ongoing
231 Yar Muhammad Samejo Educational Society & Development Organization (YMSESDO) Initiative on Empowering Minority Vulnerable Female Grant aims for socioeconomic empowerment of female non-Muslim minority community members from three Union Councils of Tehsil Usta Muhammad, District Jaffarabad. The organization seeks to do this by Identifying 150 female non-Muslim community members; imparting an extensive 03-month non-residential training to the beneficiaries on marketable skills such as Garment Making, Beautician Course, and Office Automation; provision of a basic toolkit to the beneficiaries to kick off their businesses; and finally linking them with the locally available microfinance institutions to assist them in business development and sustainable income generation in future. Jaffarabad Balochistan Vulnerable Populations 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 52,559 0 Ongoing
232 RAHMA Islamic Relief "Improving access to primary education for the vulnerable urban slum community" The project aims to improve access to primary education for the vulnerable children of urban slum community of Union Council Ratta Amral in Rawalpindi. For this, the organization aims to undertake the following activities: Establishment of a School and equipping it up with required material; Running an awareness raising and enrollment campaign in the area; Provision of Student kit to already enrolled children and new enrollments; and Building teacher's capacity on innovative teaching methodologies. Rawalpindi Punjab Vulnerable Populations 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 47,515 0 Not-initiated
233 Hazara Development & Advocacy Foundation (HADAF) Uplifting the Economic Status of Vulnerable Communities of 2 UC's of Haripur through Skills Training The project aims to enhance the socio-economic status of 125 community members belonging to 02 Union Councils of Tehsil and District Haripur. The project focuses on providing 1-3 months' vocational training to the selected individuals in different trades and thus enable them to explore job opportunities at upcoming projects in the vicinity such as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related work, development of special economic zone in Haripur, construction of Hazara Expressway & Havelian Dry port which are being developed in District Haripur Haripur KPK Vulnerable Populations 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 62,759 0 Ongoing
234 Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Protecting Vulnerable Populations in Gilgit Baltistan through Improved Governance and Social Entrepreneurship "Grant aims to improve the income and quality of life of people living in 10 wildlife conservancies located in three districts of Gilgit-Baltistan i.e. Gilgit, Diamer and Astore by: • Improving livelihood opportunities of community conservation organizations through trainings on non-timber forest product enterprise development; • Using trophy hunting as a social enterprise for addressing local development needs; • Strengthening existing community governance institutions for sustainable management of high-value high-impact and high-income natural resources; " Gilgit, Diamer and Astore GB Social Entrepreneurship 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 53,517 0 Not-initiated
235 Center for Social Education and Development (CSED) SheCan Grant aims to build the capacity of university students on professional development and enable them to become successful entrepreneurs.The organization seeks to do this by selecting 06 women universities (03 in Punjab; 02 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; 01 in Azad Jammu & Kashmir) and signing Memorandum of Understanding with them; Hiring an experienced consultant (firm) to design 05 Professional Development Courses and deliver 02-day training sessions on the same in each of the 06 targeted universities Nationwide AJK Social Entrepreneurship 2017-12-01 2018-05-31 52,981 8,085 Ongoing
236 Skyian Welfare Organization (SKYIANS) Disaster Preparedness in Government Schools The Skyian Welfare Organization (SWO) aims to create emergency response teams in 10 Government High Schools (05-Boys; 05 Girls) of Tehsil & District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to strengthen their resilience against natural disasters. Abbotaabad KPK Disaster Preparedness 2018-01-01 2018-05-31 41,384 8,663 Ongoing
237 Legends Society School Based Emergency Response Team The Legends Society (TLS) aims to create emergency response teams in 22 Government High Schools (15Boys; 07 Girls) of Tehsil Karezat, District Pishin, Balochistan in order to strengthen their resilience against natural disasters. Pishin Balochistan Disaster Preparedness 2018-01-16 2018-07-15 42,810 7,533 Ongoing
238 Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) Improving living condition of vulnerable population in District Peshawar The project aims to improve the socioeconomic status of 75 vulnerable women, women belonging to religious minorities, and members of transgender community in 02 UCs of Peshawar. The organization seeks to do this by sensitizing local communities about the rights of each of the three targeted groups; providing training to 25 members from each group in two marketable trades: tailoring and beautician; giving them required tool kits for making products post intervention; and establishing market linkages for improving their socio-economic conditions. Peshawar KPK Vulnerable Populations 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 45,984 0 Ongoing

"USAID/Pakistan has, in cooperation with the USAID Office of Inspector General, established the Anti-Fraud Hotline to provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan. Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-to-use Hotline (Toll free number 0800 84700); e-mail at; fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd Floor Khayban-e-Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the website"

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