Hi, Medical Students of Pakistan, Your also called Cream Of Pakistan. Welcome to sgafp.org.pk.we are striving to provide you free and quality content. First of all, I want to you welcome to our About us Page.

Really, You want to know about us. You are amazing. Here I will introduce Team SGAFP. Our team consists of Medical Students and doctors of different Medical colleges of Pakistan.

Abid Nawaz Zafar

Abid Nawaz Zafar Is Founder OF MDCAT. He Helps Pre-Medical As well as Medical Student. Abid Is a student of Cardiovascular Perfusion Sciences at University of Health Sciences Lahore.

Abid, Love to write about career counselling and medical education

Qaisar Abbas

Qaisar From Pakistan Red Crescent Medical and dental college, Lahore. He is doing a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery. He analyzes and creates quality content for MBBS Students. He Shares mbbs study stuff in different facebook and other social Media Groups.

Nighat Sarfraz

Nighat is doing doctor of Pharmacy from Bha ud din university, Multan. She loves to write about Pharmacy.she share Pharmacy related study stuff on sgafp.org.pk

She writes many articles about the future scope of doctor of pharmacy.she says pharmacy will become 22 billion dollar industry in near future.

our aim, Provide quality and free education via the internet. in future, we will start career consulting and admission help desk free.