Our Projects

Sr. No Organization Description District Region Sector Status
1 Local Support Organization Babuzai (LSOB) Provision of agriculture input to farmers such as wheat and fertilizers for an increased production. Mardan KP Economic Growth Closed
2 Qaisrani Rural Support Development Program (QRSDP) Distribution of blankets, food items, clothes along with 3 livestock trainings camps to flood affected people. D.G Khan Punjab Flood/Social Assistance Closed
3 Make A Wish Foundation Pakistan (MAWFP) Grant wishes of 55 terminally ill children. Karachi Sindh Flood/Social Assistance Closed
4 Local Support Organization Shan-e-Mustafa (LSOSM) Immediate relief activities to support flood affected people D.G Khan Punjab Flood/Social Assistance Closed
5 Al-Sadat Welfare Society, Rajanpur (ASWS) Rehabilitation of flood affected community of District Rajanpur by providing roofing material. Rajanpur Punjab Flood/Social Assistance Closed
6 Khpal Kor Foundation, Swat (KKF) Rehabilitation of flood affected community of District Rajanpur by providing roofing material. Swat KP Flood/Social Assistance Closed
7 District Social Welfare Council (DSWC) Provision of maternal and neonatal child health services to reduce maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate. Bhakkar Punjab Health Closed
8 Mohar Rural Development Program (MRDP) Construction of 35 new housing units for the flood affected communities. affected communities Issa Khek Punjab Flood/Social Assistance Closed
9 Department of Nephrology, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar (DNKTHP) Provision of 4 dialyzer reprocessing systems and 1 acute dialysis machine to improve health care services for patients suffering from accrue renal failure. Peshawar KP Health Closed
10 Coastal Association for Research and development (CARD) Provision of fish storage boxes to fishermen and capacity building through trainings for improved livelihood. Lasbella Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
11 Quaid-e-Millat Foundation (QMF) Economic Empowerment Initiative through establishment of 3 vocational training centers. Khushab Punjab Economic Growth Closed
12 Municipal Public Library, Gilgit (MPLG) Improvement of existing library services at Municipal library Gilgit. Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan Education Closed
13 Local support Organization Parwaz (LSOP) Provision of agricultural inputs to 500 local farmers. Swabi KP Economic Growth Closed
14 Local Support Organization Gicheen (LSOG) Rehabilitation of 12 karezes for the provision of irrigation and drinking water facilities. Kech Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
15 Fazil Rural Development Organization (FRDO) Construction of 25 new housing units for the flood affected communities. Bhakkar Punjab Flood/Social Assistance Closed
16 Badin Development Research Organization (BDRO) Installation of 50 communal hand pumps and construction of 75 toilets. Thatta Sindh Flood/Social Assistance Closed
17 Community Development Programme (CDP) Livelihood support to 600 flood affected women through provision of sewing and embroidery machines with basic tools and raw materials. Bannu/D.I Khan KP Flood/Social Assistance Closed
18 Local Support Organization Meerani (LSOM) Renovation of 16 government schools. Kech Balochistan Education Closed
19 Banjosa Rural Development Organization (BRDO) Provision of 7,000 gladiolas seed bulbs, and fertilizer bags to 190 households to provide income generating opportunities through the cultivation of gladiolus. Poonch AJK Economic Growth Closed
20 Muzaffarabad Poverty Alleviation Programme (MPAP) Construction of 38 rain water reservoirs, 4 check dams and 4 retaining walls. Muzaffarabad AJK Economic Growth Closed
21 Kech Educational Development Society (KEDS) Establishment of a Youth Resource Center along with extension of library services. Kech Balochistan Education Closed
22 Local Support Organization SACHAN (LSOS) Installation of 185 Solar Energy Systems in 6 villages of Union Council Kallag. Gwadar Balochistan Energy Closed
23 Khushal Welfare Organization (KWO) Provision of hybrid seeds, farming tool kits and fertilizers to support farmers in cultivation of maize crop. FR Peshawar KP Flood/Social Assistance Closed
24 Tameer-e Millat foundation (TMF) Construction of first and second floor of Tameer-e-Millat Model Schools for Girls. Attock Punjab Education Closed
25 Area Development Organization (ADO) Rehabilitation of 13 KM Link road in Union Council Kai Manja. Muzaffarabad AJK Flood/Social Assistance Closed
26 Local Support Organization Seven Star (LSOSS) Construction of a Causeway at village Ghullama along with the construction of upstream and downstream protection walls connecting seven villages. Swabi KP Flood/Social Assistance Closed
27 Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) Construction of 34 additional classrooms in 30 schools in district Lodhran to improve physical infrastructure of Governent Schools. Lodhran Punjab Education Closed
28 Local Support Organization Thallay (LSOT) Reconstruction of the flood damaged foot, jeep able bridges with protection walls. Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan Flood/Social Assistance Closed
29 Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society (RSEWS) Inclusive education teacher's training program for normal school teachers. Lahore Punjab Education Closed
30 Foresight Institute for Education and Leadership Development (FIELD) Rehabilitation of 11 government schools in district Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan. Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan Education Closed
31 SOS Children's Village (SCV) Construction and Furnishing of Two Houses at SOS Children's Village Quetta. Quetta Balochistan Flood/Social Assistance Closed
32 Majlis e Tahfuz e Maholiat (MTM) CONSTRUCTION OF 105 BIOGAS PLANTS IN DISTRICT SARGODHA Sargodha Punjab Energy Closed
33 GULMIT EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE Society (GESWS) Construction of Girl's Hostel in Gulmit Hunza. Hunza Nagar Gilgit Baltistan Education Closed
34 Fatima Welfare Foundation (FWF) Rehabilitation/ Construction Of 10 Water Supply Schemes for the provision of clean drinking water. Dir KP Health Closed
35 Bam Development Organization (BDO) Improved water resource management through extension/rehabilitation of 8 Karezes. Kech Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
36 Sangam Development Organization (SDO) Development and Promotion of biogas Technology through construction of 100 biogas plants. Rawalpindi Punjab Energy Closed
37 Local Support Organization Frano (LSOF) Provision of Electricity through Construction of Micro Hydel Power Plant Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan Energy Closed
38 Tribal Women Welfare Association (TWWA) Improved Income through introduction of walk in tunnel farming for off season vegetables production throughout the year. Bajaur Agency FATA Economic Growth Closed
39 Reach Vulnerable (RV) Provision of electricity through installation of 2 micro hydel power plants. Swat KP Energy Closed
40 Falah Foundation (FF) Provision of Medical equipment and Laboratory Supplies to Mother and child health care unit. Chakwal Punjab Health Closed
41 Friends Development Organization (FDO) Expansion and Strengthening of Sohail Bin Sadiq Model School by construction 17 classrooms, 1 science lab, 1 computer lab, 2 staff rooms, 1 principal room, 1 examiner room, 1 cafeteria and 13 toilets. Gujaranwala Punjab Education Closed
42 Local Support Organization SMJH (LSOS) Revival of Traditional Manual Handloom Weaving through provision of raw material to 123 households Khushab Punjab Economic Growth Closed
43 Local Support Organization Kolwah (LSOK) Installation of 210 Solar Energy Systems. Awaran Balochistan Energy Closed
44 Saranga Literary and Cultural Society (SLCS) Establishment of functional libraries in 5 selected girls and boys school and provision of thematic books and literature. Jamshoro Sindh Education Closed
45 Himalyan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) Maintenance & Up gradation of Heritage Structure and visitor facilities at Rohtas Fort. Jhelam Punjab Economic Growth Closed
46 Integrated Rural Awareness & Development Organization (IRADO) Improved Socio economic conditions of indigenous fisher community in Macher Lake through provision of raw material and storage houses to 100 households and repairmen of their boats. Dadu Sindh Economic Growth Closed
47 Behar-Al-Sindh Foundation (BASF) Provision of 50 Communal Solar Lights in 15 remote villages. Thatta Sindh Energy Closed
48 Step Towards Empowerment of Pupil (STEP) Improved agricultural productivity through rehabilitation of 20 irrigation channels. Upper Dir KP Economic Growth Closed
49 Hamdam Development Organization (HDO) Provision of equipment and basic health facilities to 10 primary health care centers in district Tank. Tank KP Health Closed
50 Neelum Valley Cluster Coordination Development Forum (NVCCDF) Provision of electricity in 2 villages of District Neelam through construction of 2 micro hydel power stations. Neelum AJK Energy Closed
51 Gupis Rural Support Programme (GRSP) Construction of Irrigation Water Channel in Tehsil Gupis. Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan Economic Growth Closed
52 Local Support Organization SADA Hussainabad (LSOS) Construction of 4 Solar Fruit Dehydration Plant in Union Council Hussainabad for better income opportunities. Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Economic Growth Closed
53 Yar Muhammad Samejo Educational and Development Society (YMSEDS) Rehabilitation of 34 schools through procurement of furniture, construction of latrines and installation of water pumps for Improved Educational Environment. Jaffarabad Balochistan Education Closed
54 Sahara Welfare & Development Organization (SWDO) Rehabilitation of 4 schools along with provision of furniture, book shelves and computer resource center for Improved Learning Environment. Sargodha Punjab Education Closed
55 Chaghi Development Organization (CDO) Provision of Safe Drinking Water through rehabilitation of 30 wells, installation of 13 hand pumps and construction of 3 latrines with water tanks at primary schools. Chaghi Balochistan Health Closed
56 Rural Community Development Program (RCDP) Provision of electricity to 250 households through construction of Hydro-Power. Chitral KP Energy Closed
57 Anjuman Imdad E Bahami Nizamabad (AIBN) Extension & rehabilitation of 8 Karezes for improved irrigation water supply to 12 villages. Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
58 Agha Khan Cultural Service Program (AKCSP) Development of Balti Folk Exhibition Area in Khaplu Palace Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan Economic Growth Closed
59 Upper Torkhow Development Network (UTDN) Construction of 7 solar fruit dehydration plants Chitral KP Energy Closed
60 Center for Environment & Development (CED) Provision of home based electricity through installation of 115 solar energy systems in 19 villages. Thatta Sindh Energy Closed
61 Mehran Welfare Trust (MWT) Repair & Rehabilitation of damaged government primary schools in District Larkana. Larkana Sindh Education Closed
62 Rural Development Organization (RDO) Access to safe drinking water through rehabilitation & reconstruction of water supply schemes. Buner KP Health Closed
63 Local Support Organization Watan Dost (LSOWD) Establishment of a Mother & Child Health Unit in a medical centre in Swabi. Swabi KP Health Closed
64 Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skill Development Company (PCESSDC) Construction of a student hostel building in technical training centre, Ghotki Ghotki Sindh Economic Growth Closed
65 M.H Sufi Foundation (MSF) Construction of a primary school building in Pindi Bhattian, Hafizabad. Hafizabad Punjab Education Closed
66 Malakand Rural Support Tahreek of Humanity (MRSTH) Improving Livelihoods through available perennial irrigation & potable water in 3 Union Councils. Malakand KP Economic Growth Closed
67 Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) Community Led Water & Hygiene Promotion in 4 villages. CHARSADA KP Health Closed
68 Shakarganj Foundation (SF) Adult Female Literacy Program in 5 Union Councils. Jhang Punjab Education Closed
69 SOS Children's Village-Islamabad (SCVI) Establishment of English Language Laboratory at SOS Children’s Village Islamabd Islamabad Education Closed
70 Local Support Organization Koshish (LSOK) Renovation of Watercourses, Construction of culverts & water control structure for enhanced water availability and efficiency. Mardan KP Economic Growth Closed
71 SARHAD Local Support Organization (SLSO) Improving the quality of life of the poor people through provision of energy efficient smokeless cooking stoves in 10 villages Nowshera KP Energy Closed
72 Local Support Organization Malik Aasa (LSOMA) Extension & rehabilitation of 4 Karezes for enhanced water availability and efficiency Panjgur Balochistan Health Closed
73 Local Support Organization Gramkan (LSOG) Enhanced water efficiency through Karez rehabilitation & extension Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
74 Sungi Organic (Pvt) Ltd. (SO) Improved supply of bio-fertilizer & agricultural income of the small farmers through up gradation of bio-fertilizer processing unit. Batgram KP Economic Growth Closed
75 Local Support Organization KSAN (LSOK) Construction of 150 KW micro hydro power station in Satpara valley. Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Energy Closed
76 Human Development Organization (HDO) Lining of 1813 meters irrigation channel. Bannu KP Economic Growth Closed
77 Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) Improved access to mother & child health care through up gradation of facilities in Mother and child healthcare center. Haripur KP Health Closed
78 Sindh Sujag Social Welfare Organization (SSSWO) Provision of safe Drinking Water & hygiene education in 10 villages. Thatta Sindh Health Closed
79 Women Welfare and Development Organization (WWDO) Improved income through training of 120 marginalized women in 2 Union Councils through tailoring skills, provisioning of machines and market linkages. Swat KP Economic Growth Closed
80 Nari Development Organization (NDO) Livelihood opportunities for 20 fisher men fisher families by introduction of cage culture in Machar Lake. Jamshoro Sindh Economic Growth Closed
81 Village and Women Organization Development Company (VWODC) Livelihood opportunities for 20 fisher men fisher families by introduction of cage culture in Machar Lake. Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan Economic Growth Closed
82 Sahara Community Support Programme (SCSP) Provision of missing facilities in 12 Primary & 1 middle school of Mansehra District. Mansara KP Education Closed
83 Community Development Organization (CDO) Renovation of watercourses in 6 villages for enhanced agricultural productivity & income. Swabi KP Economic Growth Closed
84 Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) Snow Leopards conservation through practical measures in 6 villages Chitral KP Wildlife Conservation Closed
85 Walkabout Films Private Limited (WF) The Give back Project: National Parks of Pakistan Programme One: Deosai National Park Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
86 Balochistan Social Development Programme (BSDP) Improved income through training of 100 women in village Usta Mohd. Of Jaffarabad Jaffarabad Balochistan Entrepreneurship Closed
87 Azat Foundation (AF) Solar pumping for safe drinking water initiative in Dist. Nushki Nuski Balochistan Energy Closed
88 Local Support Organization Doghni Balghar (LSODB) Supply of safe drinking water for 25 villages through slow sand water filters Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan Water & Sanitation Closed
89 Human Aid (HA) Provision for WASH facilities in 30 Govt. Primary Schools Mardan KP Water & Sanitation Closed
90 Pak Mission Society (PMS) Clean drinking water for 16 villages Kohistan KP Water & Sanitation Closed
91 Gojal Rural Support Organization (GRSO) Conservation of wildlife at Khunjrab National Park Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
92 Society for Human Advancement & Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) Improved Income through Training of 100 Women of UC Cattle Farm and UC Sorah of Tehsil Jhat Pat of District Jaffarabad Jaffarabad Balochistan Entrepreneurship Closed
93 Village Development Organization (VDO) Skill Development Initiative for Women Belonging to Religious Minorities Ghotki Sindh Women's Issues Closed
94 Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) Towards Sustainable Management of Deosai National Park Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
95 District Development Association, Tharparkar (DDAT) Peafowl protection through integrated measures in district Tharparkar Tharparkar Sindh Wildlife Conservation Closed
96 Governance Institutes Network International (GINI) Economic empowerment of 180 women through honeybee farming Khushab Punjab Women's Issues Closed
97 The Federation for Environment, Education Development & Equal Rights (FEEDER) Improved Income through Vocational Training of 120 Women in Tehsil Balakot of District Mansehra Mansara KP Entrepreneurship Closed
98 International Union for Conservation oof Nature (IUCN) Saving the Endangered Sea Turtles on Coastal Areas of Pakistan Karach Sindh Wildlife Conservation Closed
99 The Humanitarian (TH) Improving physical facilities for women litigants at Tehsil Courts of district Mardan Mardan KP Women's Issues Closed
100 Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited (SFP) Capacity Building of Entrepreneurs of GB Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
101 LEAD Pakistan (LP) Empowering indigenous community conserved areas for wildlife conservation in Chitral Chitral KP Wildlife Conservation Closed
102 Youth Engagement Services Network Pakistan (YES) Advancing youth social entrepreneurship in higher education Nation-wide Punjab Entrepreneurship Closed
103 Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) Preservation & promotion of indigenous kho culture of Nothern Paksitan Chitral KP Cultural preservation Closed
104 Citizen Voice (CV) Women entrepreneurship development in Shangla Shangala KP Entrepreneurship Closed
105 Development Organization for Community (DOC) Improved agriculture and income through Karez Rehabilitation in District Panjgur Panjgur Balochistan Economic Growth Closed
106 Karakorum Associates for Educational & Economic Development (KAEED) Shawl making for development of entrepreneurship for women Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
107 Your Engineering Solutions Private Limited (YES) Women Drivers of change Islamabd Islamabad Women's Issues Closed
108 Grass Roots Assistance & People Empowerment Society (GRAPES) Improved income through vocational Training of 150 Women in 2 UCs of District Lasbella Lasbella Balochistan Entrepreneurship Closed
109 Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Digital preservation of Pakistan's Heritage Lahore Punjab Cultural preservation Closed
110 Anjuman Fallah o Behbood AIDS Council (AFAC) Providing equal learning opportunity to young women for their empowerment & future prosperity Gwadar Balochistan Women's Issues Closed
111 Idara Baraye Taleem o Traaqi (IBT) Preservation & promotion of Torewali language & culture Swat KP Cultural preservation Closed
112 Labour Resource Centre (LRC) Facilitating marginlized groups & gender based violence survivor Lahore Punjab Women's Issues Closed
113 College of Youth Activism and Development (CYAAD) Balochistan cultural preservation & revitalization Quetta/Loralai Balochistan Cultural preservation Closed
114 Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) Conservation of Indus river dolphins through community based ecotourism Muzaffargarh Punjab Women's Issues Closed
115 Women Welfare Organization Poonch (WWOP) Enhancing women's access to justice Muzaffarabad AJK Women's Issues Closed
116 Peace by Youth (PY) Awareness of women & her advocacy with zeal Jacobabad Sindh Women's Issues Closed
117 Adara-e-Behbood-e-Umar Rasida (ABUR) Support for old age home Quetta Balochistan Women's Issues Closed
118 Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHR) improved Gender Ratio in Employeement Sector though Career Development of Students and Facilitation of Working Women Quetta Balochistan Women's Issues Closed
119 Neelum Valley Clusters Coordination Development Forum (NVCCDF) Wildlife Conservation through active Community Participation Hattian AJK Wildlife Conservation Closed
120 Sanjh Preet Organization (SPO) Enhancing Employability of Women Graduates in Information Technology (IT) Sector Lahore Punjab Women's Issues Closed
121 Baanhn Beli (BB) Preparation of National Vulture Conservation Strategy Tharparkar Sindh Wildlife Conservation Closed
122 Mercury Transformations (MT) Combating Gender based violence through raising awareness pro women legislation Multan Punjab Women's Issues Closed
123 The Network for Consumer Protection (TNCP) Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water Rawalpindi/ICT Islamabad Water & Sanitation Closed
124 Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) Improving Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Conditions Naseerabad Balochistan Water & Sanitation Closed
125 Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation Empowering Orphan Girls through Vocational Skills Tando Allah yar Sindh Women's Issues Closed
126 Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI) Preliminary Documentation of the Yidgha, Gawarbati Dameli and Ushojo Languages Chitral/Swat KP Cultural preservation Closed
127 Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO) Combating Forced Marriages through Awareness and Capacity Building Bhawalpur Punjab Women's Issues Closed
128 Network for human and Social Development (NHSD) Economic Empowerment for Better Lives of Women in Khukhriala, Tehsil & District Abbottabad Abtoabad KP Women's Issues Closed
129 Sindh Development Society (SDS) Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of Women Survivors of Violence against Women in Society sukur Sindh Women's Issues Closed
130 Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) Pakistan’s Entrepreneurs’ Network for Youth (PENY) Nation-wide KP Entrepreneurship Closed
131 Bunyad Foundation (BLCC) Economic Empowerment of 200 Rural Women in District Muzaffargarh Muzaffargarh Punjab Women's Issues Closed
132 Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) Conservation of Suleiman Markhor’s through Protection of Juniper Forest Eco-System in District Ziarat Ziarat Balochistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
133 Serman Local Support Organization (SLSO) Apricot Value Chain Development for Women Farmers Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Women's Issues Closed
134 Participatory Research and Development Organization (PRADO) Improving Socio- Economic Status of 150 Women Artisan’s from Bhit Shah through Skills Enhancement Matiari Sindh Women's Issues Closed
135 Majlis Tahaffaz Maholiat (MTM) Empowering Rural Women through Agricultural Innovation and Farm Management Skills Sargodha Punjab Women's Issues Closed
136 World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan (WWF) Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade by establishing a National Monitoring Network that benefits local communities & environment Islamabd Nation wide Wildlife Conservation Closed
137 Awami welfare Society (AWS) Improve Income through Vocational Training of 120 Women Swat KP Women's Issues Closed
138 Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organization (BWCDO) Snow Leopard Conservation in Basho Valley, District Skardu Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
139 Farmers Development Organization (FDO) Apna Rozgar (Self Employment) Khanewal Punjab Women's Issues Closed
140 Human Organization for Peaceful Environment (HOPE) Developing Agro based Enterprise in District Washuk Wasuk Balochistan Entrepreneurship Closed
141 Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) Empowering Rural Women through Skills Enhancement in District Badin Badin Sindh Women's Issues Closed
142 Hamdam Foundation (HF) Improving Socio-Economic Status of Women from Urban Slums of Hyderabad Hydraabad Sindh Women's Issues Closed
143 Aiming Change for Tomorrow International (ACT) Empowering Rural Women through Skills Development Hattian AJK Women's Issues Closed
144 Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER) Better and Safer Future for Women (BSFW) Khushab Punjab Women's Issues Closed
145 Mountain Areas Farmer Support Organization (MAFSO) Ghanche Women Empowerment Initiative (GWEI) Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
146 Ayun and Valleys Development Programme (AVDP) Kalasha Language and Culture Preservation Project Chitral KP Cultural preservation Closed
147 Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) Conserving Wildlife Habitat through Strengthening of Community Based Natural Resource Management Chitral KP Wildlife Conservation Closed
148 Mendi Local Support Organization (MLSO) Women Economic Empowerment through Wool Value Chain Development Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
149 Rural Development organization (RDO) Addressing Exploitative and Discriminatory Practices Against Women Buner KP Women's Issues Closed
150 Root Work Foundation (RWF) Empowering Rural Women through Small Enterprise Development in District Dadu Dadu Sindh Women's Issues Closed
151 Lead Against Marginality & Poverty (LAMP) Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement of 450 Women in Tharparkar Tharparkar Sindh Women's Issues Closed
152 Naunihal Development Organization (NDO) Wool Processing & Pattu Weaving Training Hunza Nagar Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
153 Walkabout Films (Pvt) Ltd. (WF) Our History A Journey through Time Rajanpur Punjab Cultural preservation Closed
154 Sarban Development Organization (SDO) Women Empowerment Program (WEP) Chakwal Punjab Women's Issues Closed
155 National Productivity Organization (NPO) Made in Gilgit Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan Entrepreneurship Closed
156 Sindh Rural Partners Organization (SRPO) Because I am a Girl Mirpur Khas Sindh Women's Issues Closed
157 Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society (GESWS) Establishment of Bulbulik Heritage Centre (Bulbulik Maktab) in Gulmit, Gojal Hunza (Phase-1) Hunza Nagar Gilgit Baltistan Cultural preservation Closed
158 Sukhi Development Foundation (SDF) Supporting Youth for Establishing Solar Energy Enterprises in Mirpur,AJK Mirpur AJK Entrepreneurship Closed
159 Qurumbar and Shandur Area Development Organization (QASADO) Improving Income of Communities through Provision of Fruit Solar Dehydration Plants in Tehsil Mastuj” Chitral KP Entrepreneurship Closed
160 NAYA JEEVAN (NJ) DoctHERs: Empowering Women Who Work Karachi Sindh Women's Issues Closed
161 Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Improving Governance, Livelihoods, and Wildlife Conservation through Community-based Natural Resource Management Province wide Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Conservation Closed
162 Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN) Women Economic Empowerment through Skills Enhancement of 120 Female Artisan?s in District Pishin Pishin Balochistan Women's Issues Closed
163 Rural Development Organization (RDO) Empowerment of 150 Persons with Disabilities (PWD?s) through Skills Development in District Gujranwala Gujaranwala Punjab Women's Issues Closed
164 Sustainable Development Organization (SDO) Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female Artisans through Skills Enhancement Muzaffarabad AJK Entrepreneurship Ongoing
165 National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) Empowering Women with Disabilities through Skills Development Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh Entrepreneurship Closed
166 Health and Nutrition Society (HNS) Improving Water Storage Facilities in Union Council Nalaint through Construction of Surface Water Tanks Gwadar Balochistan Water & Sanitation Closed
167 Baltistan Culture & Development Foundation (BCDF) Revitalization of Indigenous Culture of Baltistan Province Wide GB Cultural Preservation Ongoing
168 Karakorum Associates for Educational and Economic Development (KAEED) Improving Income of Women through Capacity Building in Wool Processing and Entrepreneurship Development Ghizer GB Women's Issues Ongoing
169 Society for Community Action Process (SCAP) Improving Living Standard of Underprivileged Population through Installation of Home Based Solar Energy Systems Kalat Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions Closed
170 Centre for Peace and Development (CPD) Empowering Female Hazara Community to Live a Dignified Life Quetta Balochistan Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
171 Al Shahbaz Women Organization (ASWO) Enhancing Women?s Access to Justice Shigar GB Women's Issues Ongoing
172 Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) Rehabilitation and Empowerment of 100 Persons with Disabilities (PWD?s) through Skills Development Training Hunza GB Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
173 Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation Augmenting Widow’s Access to Decent Work through Vocational Skills Mirpurkhas Sindh Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
174 Rural Development organization (RDO) Addressing Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Women in District Buner Buner KPK Vulnerable Populations Closed
175 DANESH Support Services for Child Sexual Abuse & Violence Survivors Sibi Balochistan Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
176 Research and Development Solutions (RADS) Economic Empowerment of Low Literacy Women for Social Change and Entrepreneurship in Low Income Urban Communities” Rawalpindi Punjab Social Entrepreneurship Ongoing
177 Laar Environmental Awareness Forum (LEAF) Promoting Alternate Energy Solutions through Women Participation Badin Sindh Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
178 Indus Social Welfare & Development Organization (ISWDO) Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Communities in District Kohistan. Kohistan KPK Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
179 FACE Endangered Sounds of Pakistan Province Wide Province Wide Culture and the Arts Ongoing
180 Shinaki Area Development Organization Empowering Vulnerable Youth through Skills Development Training in Lapidary and Jewelry Making Hunza GB Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
181 CEENA Health and Welfare Services Orphan Care Support Gilgit GB Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
182 Durawa Development organization Scaling up Handicraft Value Chain for Kashmiri Women Bagh AJK Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
183 Baghbaan Trust Pakistan Skill Development Center for Marginalized Female Communities in District Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad AJK Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
184 Basic Needs Pakistan Empowering People with Mental Illnesses and Epilepsy (PWMIEs) through Community level Sustainable Livelihood Initiative in District Matiari, Sindh Matiari Sindh Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
185 Khunjarab Villagers Organization (KVO) Disaster Preparedness for Schools in District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan Hunza GB Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
186 Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skills Development Company (PCESSDC) Improving Livelihood Opportunities for Unskilled Youth Ghotki Sindh Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
187 Buksh Foundation Lightening a Million Lives: Access to Clean Energy for ALL. Bhawalpur Punjab Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
188 Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) Creating Resilient Communities in Shimshal Valley Hunza Nagar GB Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
189 Adara-e-Behbood-e-Umar Rasida (ABURO) Construction of Missing Facilitates at ABUR Old Age Home Quetta Balochistan Vulnerable Populations Closed
190 Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) To Empower Women Politically and Address Existing Women Issues through Capacity Building Initiatives Nowshera KPK Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
191 Area Development Organization (ADO) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 120 Households in District Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad AJK Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
192 Network of Disaster Management Practitioners (NDMP) Disaster Preparedness in 34 Government Schools of District Chitral Chitral KPK Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
193 Global Movement for Children & Women (GMCW) Rural Solar Energy Initiative (RSEI) Khuzdar Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
194 Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) Improving Disaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of Communities and Stakeholders in UC Kherther, District Jaffarabad Jafarabad Balochistan Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
195 Women Development Baltistan (WDB) Women Economic Empowerment through Capacity Building in Garment Making Skurdu GB Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
196 Calyx Foundation Improving Livelihood for Women Artisans of Haripur Haripur KPK Culture and the Arts Ongoing
197 Anjuman Falah-O-Bahbood AIDS Council (AFAC) Installation of Home Based Solar Energy Solutions Kech Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
198 Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Communities in District Chitral. Chitral KPK Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
199 Sustainable Peace & Development Organization (SPADO) Better Prepared Communities to Cope with Natural Disasters in District Charsadda Charssada KPK Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
200 Farmers Development Organization (FDO) Promoting the Handicrafts of Southern Punjab through Women Social Enterprises. Multan Punjab Social Entrepreneurship Ongoing
201 Bright Star Development Society Balochistan (BSDSB) Building Resilience through Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) in district Sohbat Pur Balochistan Sohbatpur Balochistan Disaster Preparedness Ongoing
202 Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) Expanding Access of Widows & Divorced Women to Decent Work through Vocational Skills Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
203 National Integrated Development Association (NIDA) Female Youth Empowerment through Marketable Skills Training Mardan KPK Vulnerable Populations Ongoing
204 Community Advancement Prosper Society (CAPS) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 76 Households of District Noshki. Nushki Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
205 Khpal Kor Foundation (KKF) Provision of 20 KW Solar Energy System at Khpal Kor Foundation Girls Campus. Swat KPK Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
206 Rabt Development Organization (RDO) Provision of Home Based Solar Energy Systems to 140 Households in 3 villages of Manoor Valley, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra Mahnsara KPK Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing
207 Gender and Empowerment Organization (GEO) Provision of Electricity to District Jaffarabad and Sohbat Pur through Solar Panel Jafarabad Balochistan Small-Scale Energy Solutions Ongoing

"USAID/Pakistan has, in cooperation with the USAID Office of Inspector General, established the Anti-Fraud Hotline to provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan. Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-to-use Hotline (Toll free number 0800 84700); e-mail at; fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd Floor Khayban-e-Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the website"

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