A Grant Agreement Signing Ceremony was held at the SGAFP Office on January 19, 2017 to sign grant agreements with Calyx Foundation (CF) and Network of Disaster Management Practitioners (Pvt) Ltd (NDMP). Sonia Zacapa, Contracting Officer Representative (COR); Farah Imran, Acting COR; Angelina Allen-Mpyisi, Deputy Director, Office of Stabilization and Governance; and Jorge Cordova, Grants Review Committee Chairperson attended the ceremony.

The grant of USD 76,641 awarded to NDMP will support disaster preparedness activities in 34 government schools of District Chitral, one of the highest disaster prone areas in Pakistan. The initiative will also contribute towards mainstreaming disaster preparedness in the educational curriculum and designing disaster management courses for the teachers and academic officials. While the grant of USD 72,407 awarded to Calyx Foundation (CF) aims to improve livelihood opportunities for women artisans from District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, through the revival of traditional art of Phulkari and usage of Communications Technology where these women will be linked with the local, regional, national and international markets for sale of their products.

Saeed Ashraf Siddiqi, Chief of Party, SGAFP welcomed the participants and congratulated the grantees on the approval of their grants through a highly competitive process. He highlighted the significance of grant agreement that governs the relationship between SGAFP and its grantees. He assured the grantees SGAFP teams’ full support and guidance during the course of implementation.

The grantees introduced their projects, key activities and expected results. The USAID colleagues took keen interest in the presentations of the grantees and asked questions regarding various aspects of the grants’ design and scope. They appreciated SGAFP’s efforts in organizing the ceremony that provided an opportunity to the grantees as well as the concerned USAID officials to directly interact to better understand the implementation dynamics and ground realities regarding the scope of these grants.