Pakistan is a country, where women in most parts are regarded and treated as second class citizens and are deprived of basic rights and privileges. Due to lack of financial resources and fear of back-lash from families and society, women tend to not take legal help and suffer in silence.

USAID Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program has awarded a project to Women Welfare Organization Poonch (WWOP) to establish legal information centers, in two family courts each of Districts Muzaffarabad and Hattian Bala, for provision of free legal guidance to women.

Due to this program many lives have already been changed, some examples are as follows:

1. After being beaten to a point where Fatima Bibi fainted due to rejection of a marriage proposal, she welcomed legal help and after a long battle Abdur Rashid (the person rejected) promised not to trespass her again and gave 30,000 for her medical expenses. It is also suggested that in future whenever Fatima feels any threat from Abdul Rasheed she can again contact the Legal Information Centre (LIC) established under this project.

2. After being re-married to her dead husband’s brother for the safe keeping of her children, Kouser was abused, not given her rights as a wife and had all her gold taken away by her husband. After seeking legal help there was reconciliation from the husband’s side. He took his wife back home and promised to give her all her rights. He also promised to give her all possession occupied by him. It is decided that Kousar will weekly visit LIC to inform about the facts and realities whether he is on his words or not.