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The essence of United States Ambassador’s Fund is to improve basic economic or social conditions of people and support high impact, quick-implementation activities which benefit large number of people. Over the past five years, the Ambassador’s Fund has touched and transformed thousands of lives across Pakistan. The Ambassador’s Fund projects in assorted thematic areas have been instrumental in addressing the genuine needs of the grass roots communities, thereby providing stimulus to community empowerment, activism and sustainable development. The program fosters a culture of accountability through transparent and competitive processes, ensuring that the best project receives the grant. The program, therefore, serves as a harbinger of change by guiding and channeling the enormous potential of Pakistani local communities for finding local solutions to local problems. In all thematic areas, gender and inclusive development has remained a crosscutting theme.

Thematic Areas from 2010-2013:
At the program inception in September 2010, the focus of Ambassador’s Fund was on six thematic areas as determined by the prevailing U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan at that time. These included energy, education, health (mother & child healthcare), economic growth (including agriculture), governance & stabilization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & FATA, which remained effective till early 2013. The confluence of energy crisis, manmade and natural disasters affecting the country on a whole, made these areas more germane and resulted in some praiseworthy and tangible projects implemented in remote areas of Pakistan.

Thematic Areas from 2013 to 2015:
In early 2013, the incoming U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan replaced the thematic areas under the Ambassador’s Fund. These areas included wildlife conservation, cultural preservation, women issues, entrepreneurship and water, sanitation & hygiene.

Present Thematic Areas:
On January 15, 2016, Ambassador’s Fund has changed its thematic areas. The new thematic areas are as follows:
1. Empowering Vulnerable Populations
2. Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship
3. Developing Small-Scale Energy Solutions
4. Promoting Culture and the Arts
5. Improving Disaster Preparedness

"USAID/Pakistan has, in cooperation with the USAID Office of Inspector General, established the Anti-Fraud Hotline to provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan. Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-to-use Hotline (Toll free number 0800 84700); e-mail at; fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd Floor Khayban-e-Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the website"

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