“This training is a good start for all of us since it helps us understand our role and do our part in an effective way. We have learned how to organize ourselves better at the local level, and now understand the structure and roles of local committees. For future, we would like to have government participation in such trainings so that our issues can be discussed with them as well.”

Hafiz-ul-Wahab, District Councilor, Union Council Daman-e-Koh, Takht-i-Bahi.

USAID has supported initiatives to promote transparency and accountability at the local level by training local government representatives. Hafiz-ul-Wahab, a District Councilor, is enthusiastic about participating in a specialized training on the relevant local government laws. He has read the Right to Information Act 2013, Right to services Act 2014 and understands the Local Government Act 2013. However, through this training he can now grasp the true purpose of these laws and his role in sustaining and keeping checks and balances on local institutions. Through the funding awarded by USAID Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program, Centre for Governance and Public Accountability (CGPA) under the project “Improving Public Service Delivery through Civic Participation by Effective Implementation of KP Good Governance Legislative Framework” is conducting a capacity building exercise of local government elected members, on Right to Information (RTI) Act 2013, Right to Public Services (RTS) Act 2014, and Local Government (LG) Act 2013 from January 4th to 6th. The 3-day training of District Councilors, male and female, is being conducted in Mardan to capacitate newly elected local representatives.

The participant enthused by the training had the following feedback:

“I am a new elect and for me this training is very useful. Even though I have read the local government act, by this training I understand it better and am more aware of structures and rules of law at the local level. This training has given me a chance to interact with other local councilors which will help me learn from them and establish a local network as well.”

Naeem Anwar, District Councilor, UC Par Hoti, Mardan.