Published in Pakistan Today on July 26, 2017

BADIN: Laar Environmental Awareness Forum (LEAF), Badin, in collaboration with Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Programme (SGAFP) has provided 1094 solar lanterns to 547 households of the union council Seerani and 10 flood lights, in the same village, to bring the brightness to the rural areas of the coastal belt.

Through the “Promoting Alternate Energy Solutions through Women Participation” project, LEAF has covered more than 20 villages, aiding 3829 individuals of Taluka and district Badin. “As the sun sets and darkness falls, solar lights help us to carry out our usual domestic activities till the duration we need,” Zanib Mallah said.

It is an attempt to empower the women of the rural area through providing them extra time for their income generative domestic activities, like embroidery, stitching,” LEAF employee Nargis Turk maintained.

Though, according to villagers, the project has left the positive impact on the lives of rural communities of union council Seerani; LEAF has also sought more suggestions to introduce more projects of such nature to help poor in the area.

“Poverty, one of the major issues of the local people, has put restrictions to their development and livelihood initiatives.

Much more is needed to be done for poverty stricken people of the area,” LEAF head Nawaz Khatti observed.

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