The U.S. Ambassador’s Fund has funded a project to counter the deadly ‘New Castle’ viral disease, locally called ‘Rani Khet’, among the peafowl population of District Tharparkar.

Hundreds of peafowls die because of this disease every year in Tharparkar and its adjacent districts in Sindh province. Extreme weather conditions and the absence of required food intake has led to deficiency of vitamins and minerals among the peafowls and has weakened their immune system. Under the project, five rehabilitation centers have been established at Mithi, Islamkot, Diplo, Nagarparkar and Chachro Taluka’s for treating the affected peafowls by a veterinary doctor. More than 30,000 healthy birds at each village are orally vaccinated via drinking water to protect them from Rani Khet. The project has enhanced the level of awareness about the disease among the local population. This project was implemented by District Development Association Tharparkar (DDAT).