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Residents of District QillaSaifulah (Balochistan) are living a poor lifestyle, surviving on limited income earning possibilities. This is owing to the fact that they have no opportunity to develop the skills required to secure a job; or lack the opportunity and the requisite resources for establishing their own small businesses. By equipping the young and able with the apt skills and training necessary for employment in skilled trades such as auto electrician, chromite mining to name a few, would ease the burden of living for many families in the region.


Balochistan Rural Development and Research Society (BRDRS) a local NGO from the region in an attempt to train 1,000 families of the region in vocational skills, so as to uplift their economic conditions, took the initiative of establishing a vocational training Centre to provide skilled training, along with necessary tools to 990 learners. This is being made possible with USAID’s support through a Small Grants Program grant of $253,693 for one year duration from July 2012 to June 2013.


“When I came to join the Vocational Training Center I thought I would be working as a laborer on daily wages, I am happy to be selected for Mechanic training and I am Thankful to USAID and BRDRS to enhance my skill,” says Najeebullah, a handicapped graduate trainee from vocational center.

BRDRS with USAID’s assistance, has trained 1,000 male and female residents of District Qilla Saifulah in farming (horticulture), fruit packing and packaging, livestock, auto mechanic, auto electrician, chromite, generator pump me-chanic, plumbing, mobile phone repairing, motor bike mechanic. BRDRS is confident that this Training/certification will not only contribute to the overall value and utility of the cours-es offered, but more importantly it will enable these trainees to explore a multitude of options at a variety of places.