May 22, 2013: U.S. Ambassador Richard Olson joined staff of the SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad to inaugurate a new English language laboratory at SOS Children’s village Islamabad.

Established with a grant under the US Ambassador’s Fund Program, the new lab will enable the children living at the SOS Children’s Village to improve their English language skills. To furnish the lab, the US government provided 22 computers, furniture, a printer, and special English language software.

“The US government funds comprehensive education programs that will help millions of Pakistani children. Our funding of the new English language lab for the SOS Children’s Village is an example of this assistance. It shows how the United States and Pakistan can work together to improve the lives of Pakistan’s children,” said Ambassador Olson at the inauguration of the English lab.

When asked about the impact of this English language lab, SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad Chairperson, Ms. Naznin Murtaza, said, “English has become the common language of business and education throughout the world. However, most of the SOS children are from backgrounds that have not afforded them the opportunities to learn English. The US funded English language lab will help these children overcome that challenge and equip them with English language skills so they can rise as far as their talent and hard work will take them.”

The SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad was established in July 2011, and is currently supporting 92 boys and girls, along with 13 mothers. Most of these children are from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and were orphaned by the devastating 2005 earthquake.