On July 13, 2017, Development in Literacy (DIL) organized a closing ceremony of its Small Grants project “Read to Know Read to Grow: E-libraries for Rural Schools” in Islamabad. The USD 224,731 grant aimed to improve English language reading skills of students from Grades 3-5 in 16 of its schools in three districts of Pakistan i.e. Kahirpur, Rawalpindi and Dir.

Attended by up to 50 people, the ceremony started off with a welcome note by Ms. Sadia Hashir, COO DIL, who gave an overview of DIL’s commitment towards quality education and the importance of reading in schools. This was followed by a 5-minute project documentary, a roundup of project achievements by the Project Manager and an award ceremony for top performing schools. Under this project, 32 teachers were successfully trained in using tablets and EGRA tools for assessment. Furthermore, reading and comprehension skills of more than 1,000 students were improved through e-libraries.